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From the show:
Season 1
1x01 Pilot
A: Will!
W: Alicia.
A: Hey.
W: I'm sorry I didn't introduce you in there. Everything's moving pretty fast with this class action.
A: Well I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity. It's a real life saver.
W: No, I'm glad you could come aboard. Hope you're all right with this pro bono. How'd it sound?
A: Interesting.
W: Good. Don't be nervous. Worried about the gunshot residue?
A: The, uh...(her phone rings Twilight zone) Oh God.
W: Nice ringtone. Who gets that?
A: Oh my mother-in-law. My daughter programmed it.
W: What's yours?
A: I don't want to know. So, um, the gun residue...
W: Diane! You're briefing Alicia right? Good you're in good hands. So let's catch up, have dinner.
W: (Will knocks on the car) Alicia.
A: The other new associate Cary...
W: The one in the Brioni? (Alicia givs him a look) What? I'm observant.
A: Yes, the one in the Brioni. He said to me may the best man win. What exactly does he mean by that?
W: Ahh. What he means is something I thought we weren't making public.
A: What?
W: Look we only have on associate position opem so we agreed to hire two applicants and six months decide which one to retain.
A: So this is a contest between me and Cary?
W: It was either that or a cage match. I'm just happy your pro bono's going well.
W: So you're wondering whether demolishing a key prosecution witness just didn't save your ass as first chair, nice work by the way,
A: Thanks.
W: Or was enough for reasonable doubt. You know what hurts you?
A: Nail in the tire.
W: Yep. And the old Honda. This doesn't feel like a car-jacking. It feels like a murder made to look like a car-jacking.
A: What if I don't fight it?
W: What, agree that it was just a murder? (she nods) Jury needs a suspect.
A: It's late.
W: It's like old times. Evidentiary procedure. The mock trial.
A: You remember that?
W: How could I forget? Did we lose that one?
A: Yeah!
(both laughing)
Assistant: Hi, hi. Umm, Mrs. Florrick I just wanted to say congratulations. I heard you did well in court.
A: Thanks Sonia.
Cary: Sonia...
A: Heading out?
W: Yeah, I got a breakfast meeting with clients. What?
A: Something just doesn't seem right. Michael has dinner with his first wife.
W: Right.
A: Tells Jennifer he misses her, misses their old life together.
W: Right.
A: What does Cindy think about it?
W: The second wife? Cindy thinks some unhappy thoughts.
A: Jury liked her.
W: Get'em not to.
W: Oh, hey, sorry. I didn't know you were here.
A: Hi.
W: Just a little office token. You did great.
A: Thanks. I did, didn't I?
W: Oh, one more thing.
A: Yes, sir.
W: You've been made my second chair in the civil case. I'll see you tomorrow at 9:30. Staff meeting.
A: I'll be there.
1x02 Stripped
W: I want you to be at this lunch. Don't say anything. Just listen and look serious.
A: I can do that.
W: How you holdin' up here?
A: I'm... holding up.
W: Oh, yeah, how do you know her? Christy?
A: I don't.
W: Then why did she ask for you to be on the case?
A: I don't know.
LAWYER: Mrs. Florrick, what would you say to someone bringing unsubstantiated sexual charges against a public figure just in order to gain an advantage?
A: You wanna know what I would say?
LAWYER: I would.
A: (exchanges a look with Will) I would say you're trying to change the subject from rape.
A: McKeann did it.
W: Under a hundred thou, I would said no. Over a hundred thou?
A: How about well over?
W: Kalinda, I need you to wait for the subpoena.
A: I'll do that.
W: What? You don't have to.
A: I know. I'll be back.
W: You alright?
A: Yeah. Sure. I'm fine.
C: Hey. So, you know Will? Mr. Gardner. You two went to school together?
A: Yeah.
C: So, that's why.
A: I'm sorry. I didn't see it-
W: Don't ever let your first chair get undercut like that again.
A: Will, I'm so sorry.
W: Don't be. We're a team. No apologies.
A: So basically this is a Hail Mary pass.
W: Look at you with the sports metaphors.
W: Nice thought.
A: If all else fails, try honesty.
W: I've got twenty bucks on deception.
LADY: Ask for a view of the lake. It's beautiful at night.
A: She thinks we're getting a room. Now they all think we're getting a room.
W: You worried?
A: You?
W: We could do worse.
W: I owe you twenty.
1x03 Home
W: Everything okay with your son?
A: Actually, it wasn't Zack. He's a family friend who got into some trouble.
W: Legal trouble or "my parents don't understand me" trouble?
A: I'm not quite sure yet. I was hoping if I could drive him home. (Will nods) I know. I will make up the time. Thanks.
D: She's signing a client.
W: I don't know. When the connections are personal, it can get tricky.
D: Blurring the line between friendship and business usually is.
A: Actually, I don't have a relationship with his parents anymore which is why I would prefer someone else be the attorney of record.
D: I don't understand. If you're no longer friends, why do this at all?
A: Because my relationship with his parents has nothing to do with how I feel about their son. I used to baby-sit him. I'll do all the briefs, all the leg work, I would just feel comfortable if someone else tried the case.
D: So you sign your first client, but you want a second associate to be the face of the case?
W: Give herself a bridge. I get that.
W: You're here early.
A: Ah, but not the first. (points to Cary)
W: That's what happens when you're single and childless. I was gonna leave you a note, I wanted to see how things are going with him as first chair.
A: Well, he's certainly confident.
W: Look, this is your case. Diane assumed rightly so you were just looking for a frontman to provide a little cushion since you're dealing with friends-
A: Former.
W: Sounds complicated.
A: It is.
W: Legally or emotionally?
A: Both.
C: Just prepping for court.
W: By reading Case Law? You're better off watching experienced trial lawyers.
C: So, I have learned a lot by watching Alicia. She's definitely got some serious skills.
W: We suspect it's a Georgetown thing.
C: No doubt. No doubt. Yeah, that's a long time to stay friends, since college and all, so it's really commendable you champion-ing her in the way that you do.
W: Yeah, you know what's great about someone like Alicia? She's a natural. She doesn't have to try so hard. Have a good night.
1x04 Fixed
W: This trial is sounding more and more fun. Let's see if you've got a bad juror on your hands.
D: I'll put Kalinda and Cary on it.
A: Excuse me. But I'd like to do this.
1x05 Crash
W: (Reading the blank piece of paper) Dammit, Alicia, I thought I said 3:00.
A: I'm sorry.
PATTY; I love watching you, Will, it's like Shakespeare in the park.
JACKIE: Alicia came home last night at midnight. Left this morning at six.
PETER: I warned her about that Diane Lockhart.
JACKIE: No, no. It's the other one, Will Gardner. I mean, I'm glad they're friends and all but he needs to give her a break. Day and night. She never stops.
W: This guy is a walking disaster. You shoulda seen Patty, she looked like she was gonna give birth right there. (Alicia laughs) How'd yours go?
A: Well, I know more about trains than I ever wanted.
W: Just keep it goin'. Can we get the widows on the online?
A: Yeah.
W: You kept them together, I know that hasn't been easy.
A: Oh, I didn't do anything.
W: I'm giving up on law anyway. Sick of it.
A: Back to the minors?
W: (laughs) I could’ve been a contender.
A: I liked watching you pitch.
W: I had some moments. (looks around) We’re the last ones here.
A: Yep. (they look at each other) I should go.
W: Yeah. Me, too. (stare at each other until the phone rings)
PATTY; So you’re Will’s new one.
A: Yes, I’m his new… Junior Associate.
PATTY: Yeah, that’s what I meant - the way he looks at you, that’s what I meant. I guess he finds you a challenge. Too many blonde gigglers, and why not go for someone more substantial, someone with an interesting history.
A: Mrs. Nyholm, I know how this works. We're gonna try and get into each other's heads. Can I give you a little bit of advice? After the past seven months, I'm vaccinated.
PATTY: Fair enough. Let's get started.
W: They're always the last two working together at night.
A: Yeah, well, so are we.
W: Yeah, but they're leaving and returning within a few minutes of each other on foot. And you know what's across from their building?
A: Stanford Plaza Hotel.
W: I think they were having an affair.
P: So, um, Mom tells me you're workin' on a hard case.
A: Yup.
P: I guess you're putting in a lot of hours with Will. (she gives him a look) He's not what he seems, Alicia.
A: Peter, if it's one thing I'm learning, nobody is.
P: Gardner acts like he's this good guy, he's everybody's best friend, but I could tell you a few things about him.
A: (begins to laugh) Can we at least acknowledge how ironic this conversation is?
1x06 Conjugal
W: I want you to do this.
A: Cary prepped for it.
W: You know it? (she nods) Let's go.
D: When you bumped Cary from second chair.
W: Am I being grounded?
D: We had an agreement. Six months, then we see what cream rises to the top.
W: And we are. Seeing.
D: Not if you're promoting one over the other.
W: Look, Diane, I wanna be very specific here, very clear. Alicia is a secret weapon. She freaks them out. She's a junior associate and the state's attorney's office can't think around her. Just dangle Alicia in front of them and they lose control of their case and their bowels.
D: Okay. And what about her?
W: "Her?" Alicia? What do you mean?
D: She's still Florrick's wife. She has an agenda, whether you believe it or not.
W: And what would that be?
D: Embarrassing the man who derailed her husband's career.
COP: Detective Shores was never found guilty of planting the gun.
W: Because the gun suppressed the evidence.
COP: Is that what Peter was saying?
W: Excuse me! You can talk to me, you leave my junior associate out of this!
W: Tell Childs to blame his predecessor.
W: You okay with this?
A: Yes
1x07 Unorthodox
D: And the junior associates?
W: Let's put a pin in them.
D: We don't have many pins left.
W: Diane.
W: It's not like law school, is it?
A: It's better. I always felt unsure in law school.
W: Really? Coulda fooled me.
A: I did fool you.
W: Alicia? We're goin' through a lot of changes around here. There's only three votes that really matter - mine, Diane's, and Mr. Stern's. This is a good way to impress Mr. Stern.
A: Thanks.
W: Alicia. Stern called for an update and he sent you something.
A: Me?
W: Well, whoever we put on the case.
A: He's in Bora Bora.
W: Thanks.
W: So, how's it going?
A: Good. We're going for a first amendment defense.
W: Smart. Maybe I'll sneak into court and see how it's going. How's the co-chair?
A: He's... interesting.
W: Interesting is good.
A: He was saying some things.
W: Yeah? What?
A: Nothing. Another time.
W: I saw him in court. He's like we were outta law school. Hungry.
A: Aren't we laying people off?
W: Yeah, but we need some new blood.
A: You've met him before. That case involving lead poisoning in toys.
W: Oh, right, from two years ago.
A: He was on the other side.
W: The losing side. So, what, he holds a grudge?
A: Thinks we buried him.
W: Sure we did. That's how you kill shallow pockets.
A: Litigating for the margins?
W: Representing your clients. If he was with a bigger firm, he'd have deeper pockets. Talk to him, see if he's interested.
A: Okay.
W: Yeah?
A: Just quickly, uh, this lawyer, Ryan, I think I made a mistake.
W: What do you mean?
A: I mean... I don't think he's right for us.
W: Okay. Got it. Thanks.
1x08 Unprepared
W: Get two lawyers who really butt heads. You need this to be more Darwin-ian, more real world.
D: It doesn't get more Darwinian than that.
W: Looks like both witnesses will be great. Good job.
A: Thanks.
W: No, thank you. It's always the case, isn't it? It's easier to rip apart than to build up, so, thanks for buildin' up.
W: How's the appeal going?
A: The- ? Oh, Peter's appeal. (he nods) Good. Really good. Just...
W: Peter will be out soon?
A: Yeah. I don't know.
W: Well, if you ever need anything...
A: If I ever need...?
W: Anything. Give me a call.
A: Okay, I will.
A: Peter didn't make bail. (he nods)
1x09 Threesome
W: Remember he spoke at school? Filled auditorium, Diane, on, what was it?
A: Universal jurisdiction.
W: Stern used a glass of water and a hammer to demonstrate the difference between-
A: International norms and state sovereignty.
W: You were really into him.
A: I found him inspiring.
W: Well, he wanted to thank you.
A: Me?
W: The slip and fall. His daughter's defense. I guess she spoke highly of you. He's on his way over.
W: I'm not asking you to divulge any privileged communication.
A: Good.
W: But I need to know where his head's at. Look, all I want is for you to look after his best interests, the firm's best interests.
A: The firm assigned me to represent him, Will. With all the confidentially that entails, I can't... say any more.
STERN: I'm going to represent my clients with a team of young and hungry lawyers to back me up. And I want you to be one of them.
A: Oh, I, I can't. Thank you. But I can't.
S: Loyalty to your friend Will. Well, I admire that. Just know that he will stab you in the back if it benefits him.
1x10 Lifeguard
BAXTER: So, how long has she been at the firm?
WILL: Few months. What's the case?
BAXTER: Run of the mill. Of course, she treated it like a matter of the Supreme Court.
WILL: (smiles) Her heart's in the right place. She'll get there.
BAXTER: "Her heart's in the right place?" Seems to be the quickest way to get fired from your firm. (Will says nothing) You sleeping with her? (Will walks away) Fingers crossed that Florrick loses his appeal?
WILL: Nope.
BAXTER: Wow. You look serious.
WILL: I'm just not sleeping with her.
BAXTER: Not even a little bit? Not even in your head?! Hey, about this case. Do your girlfriend a favor. Tell her to move on.
BAXTER: You, my friend, are enthralled to your junior associate. She wandered out on some wild tantrum and now you're following her out there?
1x11 Infamy
D: You near a TV? Check out Duke.
W: What's he saying now?
D: I can't do it justice.
W: It was that rape case, the one we lost. We were asking questions at the hotel.
D: Seems perfectly innocent.
W: Okay, can we do some work now?!
A: I’m serious. It was that case, Christy Barbosa.
K: And, of course, it required going to a hotel.
A: We were asking questions. It’s what led us to the witness.
C: So, you’re sleeping with Will?
(Alicia closes the door on them)
1x12 Painkiller
WILL; Look, I know we've been asking a lot of you lately so if you want me to put this on Cary, I can.
ALICIA; No. I've got it.
1x13 Bad
A: No, I'm alright.
W: How's it going?
A: Good. They feel good.
W: The judge likes Peter, he just needs a reason to decide for him. Sorry to load up on you but the client's gonna be here in an hour. Colin Sweeney.
A: Oh.
W: I love the reaction that name gets. It's like the horses of Young Frankenstein.
A: Are we really going to be representing him?
W: We are really going to represent him. And lucky you, you're now second chair.
A: Lucky me.
W: I'll see you in an hour.
SWEENEY: Mrs. Florrick. Pleasure to meet you. Don't worry, I killed her with my other hand. Joking. Sorry.
W: Okay, well, let's try not to joke like that in court, shall we?
SWEENEY: You think I killed my wife?
A: Of course.
W: Look, you pay us to represent your interests-
SWEENEY: Even though the body was never found?
A: I'm sure you found ways to dispose of it.
SWEENEY: So you have no problem representing a murderer?
A: Oh, I have a great problem with it.
SWEENEY: But you'll do it anyway?
A: (smiles sweetly) Unless you'd like to exclude me.
SWEENEY: Oh, not for the world.
W: Okay, great, now that we've got that settled-
W: What happened?
A: Cute, perky, 26 just happened.
W: So, are they gonna go with electronic monitoring?
A: For Peter? Yes, if he wins the appeal.
W: Kids are excited?
A: Yeah. But nervous.
W: And you?
A: Same.
W: It’s gonna be weird, huh?
A: What do you mean?
W: I don’t know what I mean. (pause) We said we’d have dinner, didn’t we?
A: Yes. We should. (he nods & smiles)
A: Mr. Sweeney. If you value your money, you should take this seriously.
W: And, Alicia, if we're tearing down the sister's alibi, we need to shore up Sweeney's.
A: How fun.
W: Yup. You're the Sweeney wrangler these days.
1x14 Hi
A: There's a blonde hair in a brush. What do I do?!
W: (pauses) Is it a long hair?
A: Yes.
W: Take it.
A: (takes the brush) No hair in the drain.
W: Thanks. Good.
A: There's a bra on the towel rack.
W: One second. (thinks)
A: They're here! (grabs the bra)
W: Thanks. You alright?
A: I think so.
W: You were well within the law.
A: "Well?"
W: You were within the law. I know it feels like we're playin' a game sometimes, but we're not here to pursue the truth. We're here to defend a client.
A: And if he's guilty?
W: Then he's guilty. The truth is above our pay grade.
W: Take a few hours off. Get some lunch or something.
A: Are you gonna go back to help Cary?
W: (puts his hands on her shoulders) Yes. (turns her) Go. Get this off your mind.
1x15 Bang
A: I'm sorry to bother you. I'm just- I'm better than Cary. On the homicide. I've been working on this case for three months intensely, Cary's just coming on.
D: I agree.
A: You- well, then, why? Why was I pulled off it?
D: I don't know. It wasn't my idea.
A: Whose?
D: Will's.
A: Do you have a moment, Will?
W: Actually, I don't. How about later this afternoon?
K: Well, you two do have a complicated relationship. You know, an unrequited thing.
A: What does that even mean? "An unrequited thing?"
K: Look, I don't really deal well with all this high school stuff-
A: And wouldn't that make him want me on the case, not off it?
K: I don't know. Look, Alicia, complicated relationships are a breeding ground for misinterpreted actions. (Alicia gives her a look) Going now.
A: I just wanted to know- (stops as people come into the office)
W: Just wanted to know what? (looks at her, ushers people out of his office, closes the door) What's wrong?
A: I checked with Diane. Why I'm no longer on the Broussard homicide. She said it was your decision.
W: Yes.
A: I just wanted to make sure I hadn't done anything wrong.
W: No, no, no, no. Of course not.
A: Then I don't get it.
W: Maybe it was a mistake. I… I've been feeling guilty lately about pulling you away on the Rucker defense and the Memorial North suit. I just thought that… (he pauses, she looks at him to continue) I just thought that with Peter coming home, your life’s complicated enough. I should… give you a break.
A: But I don't want a break. I want to be here, I want to be doing a good job.
W: You are doing a good job.
A: Then… use me. (someone knocks on the office door, Will waves them away) Peter can take care of himself. He’s irrelevant to this. I want to be here.
W: I want you to be here.
A: Then… then, I'm here.
W: Okay. (they smile at each other)
1x16 Fleas
P: Hello?
W: Oh. It's... I, uh, is-
P: Uh, no, Alicia left her phone at home.
W: Oh.
P: You wanna leave a message?
W: No. She's with another lawyer, I'll try him, thanks.
P: Okay.
A: He can pay us.
W: In a federal case, the first thing they'll do is freeze his assets.
A: He can pay us... when they're unfrozen.
P: Speaking of which, you left your cell phone here. Will called.
A: Yeah. (long pause) He already got in touch. Okay, back to work.
P: Back to work.
ELI: There's also stuff about Mrs. Florrick's work, her competition for a job, and her connection with her boss.
P: What did that one say?
PUBLICIST: You don't want to read it.
ELI: That she's sleeping with him.
W: Yes, Your Honor, I thought it was obvious that when I speak, it's my opinion, and when he speaks, it's his opinion.
C: Oh, boy.
JUDGE: You are trying my patience.
W: I understand that, Your Honor. And I was surprised in reviewing your past court cases how often you did not rule and avoided having your non-rulings overturned on appeal. In my opinion.
W: Even if the judge kicks the SUV, which given my courtroom performance, not likely-
A: Although fun.
W: Cary, you stay on the carpet, and, Kalinda, you stay on the data mining. And, uh-
A: I'll go back to my office.
W: No, just a bit of an emergency. So, I'll need you to come in. Sorry.
A: No, it's alright.
P: Was that Will?
A: Yes. I have to go back in.
A: Then trust me.
P: Then don't go to work tonight.
A: (throws the condoms in her purse) Trust me.
1x17 Heart
PATTY: Mrs. Florrick button-holed me in the parking lot.
A: We're still working up a list of experimental procedures.
W: Good. You okay?
A: Yeah, I'm fine. I just don't like investing myself emotionally.
W: I know. We have a fighting chance here. Get some sleep.
D: The state insurance commissioner might get involved for a friend.
W: Are you-?
D: No, not me. Mr. Florrick. It's a side benefit of having your own staff, right? Use her connections.
W: His connections.
D: Her connections to his connections. Is that a problem?
W: No. I just think there are better ways to go.
W: I think we have a fighting chance.
DANNY; If we lose?
W: What do you mean?
DANNY: What are our options?
A: Let's not worry about that now.
W: We can't drop our class action.
A: I know.
W: (Alicia gives him a look) Yes, it's about the firm, too. But we can't drop the class action.
A: I understand.
W: Don't you like this? Being a lawyer. Isn't it fun?
A: It has its moments.
W: (hangs up with Patty) I blew it.
A: No. Jesse blew it. And he knows it.
W: Nyholm's right. I... I played craps with that kid's life.
A: Will, you did everything. Will, you listen, I know you did everything.(Will looks at Alicia, then kisses her)
W: Are we...? (Alicia kisses him back then pulls away)
A: Dammit.
W: I shouldn't have-
A: No, no, no. Dammit. God. (she runs away, then turns back) This is not a good idea.
A: Oh, hi. Just forgot my laptop.
SECR.: Good night.
W: Alicia?
SECR.: You just missed her.
WILL: Oh. Thanks.
W: Hi.
A: Um... Will, you can't-
W: It's not about- it's about work.
A: For work? What?
W: Your cell phone's off. I just spent all night at the hospital. I need to talk to Peter.
A: No.
P: Will?
W: Hey, Peter. Been a long time.
P: A very long time. Come on in.
W: (as Alicia brings out coffee) You didn't have to do that.
P: So... how's Alicia doing at work? (Alicia gives him a look, he laughs)
W: Alicia... good. Great, really. I'm sorry about all the late hours.
P: Oh, hey, a lawyer's life. I get it.
W: Anyway...
W: Well, at least you're home.
P: At least I'm home.
W: So, Alicia, we need to re-convene with Kalinda.
P: Oh, what do you know? Kalinda works with you. Small world.
W: That's right, she used to work for you. [to Alicia] So, I'll see you later.
A: Yup.
W: Don't be late.
P: He's great. I don't remember him being so nice.
A: Yeah.
SECR.: Mr. Gardner? Did Alicia get her laptop last night?
W: Alicia?
SECR.: After you left, she came back looking for her laptop in your office. Just making sure she got it.
W: Yeah. Yeah, she got it.
W: I'm sorry about this morning.
A: You don't have to be sorry.
W: Can I come in?
A: Yeah.
A: So... you're my boss.
W: I know.
A: I'm a junior associate.
W: I know. You came into my office. Last night after you left, you came back to my office. Why?
A: Will... help me out, please? I mean, we had... We had... whatever we had at Georgetown, and I just...
W: But you came back.
A: I know. It was wrong.
W: Because you’re married? (she doesn't answer)
W: Okay, I have a suggestion.
A: I like work. I like working here. I don't want everywhere I go to be a mess.
W: We're not going to talk about this. We’re not going to say any more, okay?
A: Good.
W: We're going to go to dinner in one week's time, and we'll talk then.
A: Please don't end up hating me. I need this job. I mean, I'm... I-I, I mean that... I'm sorry...
W: Alicia. It’s fine. We have bad timing. We’ve always had bad timing.
PATTY: You two make a cute couple.
1x18 Doubt
A: Good work.
W: Thanks.
A: Is everything okay?
W: Yeah. Why? Yeah. Good. Yeah.
W: Fifteen years of doing this and I still can never tell who's innocent and who's guilty. Everybody's a mystery from the outside. (They share a look) We still haven't had our dinner.
A: I know.
W: You worried about Peter?
A: (sighs) I'm worried about everything.
W: I'm not.
K: What’s going on?
A: What?
K: Is going on? Will doesn't even look at you anymore.
A: He does.
K: You been a bad girl? Going now.
W: Oh, sorry, Alicia, it's late, I know.
A: No, no, no, no. I'm up.
W: You think you'd be able to handle questioning Bianca?
A: Yes. (very long pause)
W: We're in a weird place.
A: It's okay.
W: No. I don't like being in a weird place.
A: I know, me, neither.
W: When I look at you during the day, I wanna know what you're thinking.
A: Sometimes I don't even know what I’m thinking... Will?
W: Yeah?
A: If it had been differently, at Georgetown, if it had been us and not Peter... we would have lasted a week.
W: (laughs) No, we wouldn't have.
A: We would've. It's romantic because it didn't happen. If it had happened it would have just... been life. (Will says something we don't hear) Will, don't say that, please. (Grace is listening).
W: If you had just told me, if you'd just given me a sign!
D: Come on, come on! Don't be a hypocrite.
W: A hypocrite? How am I a hypocrite?
D: Alicia.
W: (pause) That's supposed to what? Make me quake? Make me humble?
D: Make you honest.
W: There's nothing going on with Alicia.
D: That's not true.
W: It is true.
D: Will, I have two eyes.
W: Then use them. Watch me, watch us. There's nothing going on with Alicia.
D: (laughs) Turn out the lights.
1x19 Boom
STERN: Oh, has your friend Will Gardner stabbed you in the back yet?
A: Would you like me to get him on the phone for you? You can ask.
STERN: Ask him who he's meeting with right now. Does the name Gerald Kozko mean anything to you? And, unless I'm mistaken, his name keeps coming up in connection to your husband's case.
A: I didn't know you knew Will.
KOZKO: I don't. I was shopping for lawyers. But it appears we have a conflict of interest - you.
A: (on the phone) Tonight's good. No, it's fine. Will, really, it's fine. Hey, I phoned you. Good. We'll have fun. Okay, I'll see you soon.
P: You're going out. Where?
A: I don't know.
P: Oh, come on, am I not supposed to be jealous?
A: I don't think I care what you are.
P: I feel like you're punishing me.
A: I'm not punishing you, Peter. I'm going out to dinner with an old friend.
P: What you saw at church, you saw it wrong.
A: It's over. Us. Me caring. Me actually thinking that you're changing.
1x20 Mock
A: Hi.
W: Hey. Just made the reservation @ the National Cafe in 40 minutes. If that's alright.
A: Yeah. It's alright.
W: You sure?
A: Yeah. I'm trying to be spontaneous these days.
W: (laughs) Okay. I'll see you then. Okay?
A: Okay. (spots Peter) No, Peter!!!
A: Will.
W: Hey. Is everything alright?
A: I am so sorry. It's been such chaos around here.
W: It's okay. We'll talk tomorrow.
A: Does he have a moment?
SECR.: Actually, Will's out today.
A: Out? Court?
SECR.: Volunteer work. It's all very last minute. He's out until Thursday.
A: Thursday?
SECR.: Oh, Will, Alicia dropped by yesterday wanting a few minutes.
W: Okay, got it, thanks.
D: We are gonna have to deal with that, too.
W: "That?"
D: The junior associate position. Cary and Alicia. We said six months. It's been seven.
W: It's a bad economy to drop someone.
D: Are you getting cold feet?
W: (laughs) Next week.
D: Next week.
W: Sorry I didn't call you back right away. I'm on this mock trial thing @ DePaul.
A: Oh, that's alright. I just wanted to make sure everything was alright, after the other night.
W: Everything's alright.
A: You sure? (he nods) Because... I'm sorry.
W: Alicia, you don't have any reason to be sorry. I was pushing a situation that was wrong to push.
A: You weren't.
W: I was. Don't worry. We're good. We're gonna be good.
A: Grace.
G: Who's Will?
A: (pause) Will Gardner, my boss.
G: I heard you talking to him on the phone. A week ago. You were whispering. At night.
A: He's my boss. And we used to know each other in college. And we thought that we were attracted to each other. But it's over.
G: What's over?
A: Thinking that we were attracted to each other.
G: But he's still your boss.
A: Yes.
Z: So what happened?
A: Actually, that's all I intend to share right now.
1x21 Unplugged
K: How are you with Will?
A: I don't know.
K: What happened?
A: I don't know.
K: You do know. You just don't want to say. Did you sleep with him?
A: No.
K: So, that's the problem. You didn't sleep with him.
A: No. We talked. We had... a moment.
K: You shut it down.
A: He did, too.
K: Cary's a good finisher. He's got a head start. Will is gonna appear overtime to appear objective. Unfairly objective.
A: I'm just... I'm just so tired of this.
K: I know. That's what people like Cary count on. (Alicia nods)
A: Will, do you have a minute?... I'm sorry, this isn't me. I just... I heard you were deciding on Friday.
W: That really wasn't supposed to be circulated.
A: I know. I just, I'm really proud of the work I've done here.
W: As you should be.
A: And I wanted to be sure you saw that.
W: (pause) Look, Alicia, I don't know what you're hearing, but that's all we'll be looking at.
A: Okay. Good.
W: You have my word. When we decide, nothing else will enter the picture other than your work.
D: We don't mean to draw this out. [smiles] Good job, Alicia.
W: Very good job. Thanks for going all out this year. It's been quite a ride.
1x22 Hybristophilia
K: You know, Will feels the same way about you.
A: No, he doesn't. And even if he did, it doesn't matter.
K: It does. I phone Will, I tell him we’re in a bar, and that you’re too drunk to go home, so you’re getting a hotel room upstairs. Alicia - one night, no repercussions.
A: And tomorrow?
K: Tomorrow you wake up.
A: (laughs) It's just not me, Kalinda.
K: Everything is you. Everything you want to be you, is you.(as Alicia's phone rings) What?
A: Nothing. It's work. (Kalinda rolls her eyes)
W: Hi. It's me.
A: Yes, I know. Hi.
W: How you doin'?
A: Good, actually. Really good.
W: I'm glad. You deserve it.
A: How about you?
W: (sighs) We're in the midst of layoffs.
A: Oh, I'm so sorry.
W: No, it has to be done. Alicia, I...
A: You...?
W: I... Can I ask you a favor? I just got a call from a client who needs help and I can't get away right now.
A: Sure. Of course.
W: Thanks. I'm really glad this worked out.
A: Me, too.
W: I'm sorry, I didn't know, I thought it was contracts. I never would have sent you there.
A: Will, it's fine.
W: How are you handling it? (she looks at him) The body, the blood.
A: Oh. Good. I didn't really think about it.
W: (laughs) What a weird life we lead, huh? (they smile at each other) So, are we normal again? Are we dealing with it?
A: We talking about the crime scene now?
W: No.
A: Yes. We're dealing with it.
W: Well, welcome back.
A: I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
C: Sorry you got the job or sorry for what you did to get the job?
A: Sorry we both didn't get the job.
C: Sleeping with the boss...
A: Cary, if it makes you feel better to think that then think it, but-
C: Alicia, this was not fair and you know that.
1x23 Running
G: You're a friend from college, right?
A: Of Will's? Yes.
G: DePaul, third year.
A: Oh. You're in law school.
G: He talks a lot about you. Almost makes me jealous.
A: Don't be.
G: J.K. (Alicia looks at her) Just kidding.
A: Nice meeting you.
G: I ran into Alicia Florrick.
W: Mhmm. Where?
G: At the office. She seems nice.
W: Yes. And a very talented lawyer.
G: I'm sure. I felt like I was intruding.
W: You felt like you were intruding? I don't understand that.
G: I felt like I was getting checked out by someone who had skin in the game.
W: Dinner.
A: Let's do it.
W: First time we met? It was a pool party, wasn't it? Indoctrination, what do they call it?
A: Orientation.
W: It was a midnight pool party. Did you swim?
A: No. I was too shy. You were the one doing cannonballs.
W: God, that is so embarrassing.
A: It wasn't at the time.
W: So... what did you think of me?
A: Ah. No.
W: What?
A: Dangerous conversation.
W: Well, now you have to tell me. Come on, I'll tell you what I thought of you.
A: (laughs) So, Giada seems sweet.
W: (laughs) Now, there's a segue. Yes, she is sweet.
A: And third year @ DePaul.
W: Yes, she's just getting her retainer out. (Alicia laughs)
A: So is it always gonna be with way, between us?
W: I wanna say yes, but I want to know what you mean.
A: Just... talking. Being casual and...
W: Blunt? (she nods) I like myself around you, Alicia. I don't like myself around a lot of people.
A: You do.
W: It's an act. It's perfected over a millennium.
(They smile at each other)
W: (as Alicia's phone rings) Don't answer it. It's just life again.
A: Yes, and that's why I have to. (On the phone) Kalinda, what's up? No, I'm just with Will. (Rolls her eyes) Nooo. Okay, I'll meet you there.
W: Nice dinner.
A: (smiles) It was worth the wait.
W: We always have options, Alicia. I'm just sayin'.
K: What were you doing with Will?
A: Having dinner. (Kalinda gives her a look, Alicia rolls her eyes)
A: Hello. Will?
W: Alicia, hi. Where are you?
A: Peter's press conference. Is everything all right?
W: Yes. I was just thinking... I don't wanna go through life and think something didn't happen just because I didn’t make myself clear.
A: I can't hear you.
W: I said I want to make something clear.
A: Hold on.
W: Okay, I just need to say it. We've been up and down, back and forth, and I look at you, Alicia, and I think that…
A: Will...
W: No, I just need to say this.
A: No. Show me the plan.
W: The what?
A: The plan. I get the romance. I need a plan.
W: Not everything needs a plan.
A: Everything that matters does. I have two kids that mean the world to me. I have the press, they’re just waiting for a whiff of a new scandal. And I have a husband. So if you want to cut through all that noise, then show me a plan. Poetry's easy; it's the parent-teacher conferences that are hard. I have to go now.
W: I- Okay.
Eli: You're gonna make my life hard, aren't you? (Alicia nods)
Season 2
2x01 Taking control
Will's voicemail message 1: Hey I just wanted to say... (sees her on TV with Peter) look you're right. I don't have a plan. It's wrong. I'm your boss, you're my employee. Let's just drop this. Okay?
Will's voicemail message 2: No. You know what, I'm not just dropping this. You want to know my plan? My plan is I love you. Okay? I've probably loved you ever since Georgetown. So phone me. I'll meet you anywhere and we will make a plan. If none of this makes sense to you, just ignore it. No embarassment, nothing. We'll just go back to where things stood.
W: You needed something?
A: Yes. Judge Matchik made me stand by counsel on a pro se starting tomorrow.
W: You told him about the Murphy/Gomez date?
A: I did. He didn't seem to care.
W: Yeah, that sounds like Matchik. He's still proud of the walk on line he had in The Dark Knight. Okay. I'll have Shaun take over.
A: I think I can do both.
W: No it's okay, we're not starved for personnel anymore.
A: Merger going well?
W: It is.
A: I'm glad. (Will nods and leaves)
(Will and Alicia bump into each other going through the door)
W: Sorry.
(Alicia and Kalinda walk down the hall)
A: What?
Kalinda: See this month's Chicago Magazine? Sixteenth most eligible bachelor.
A: We're fine Kalinda.
K: Yeah, you don't look fine. Did you see the photospread? Will in a swimsuit.
A: He wasn't in a swimsuit.
K: So you saw it then. Talk to him.
A: He doesn't want to. He told me. He wants to drop it.
K: Yeah, in a voicemail. Anything said in voicemail doesn't count. (case talk) Talk to him. Life is short.
W: Alicia. Use her. Use Anya.
A: I don't understand.
W: The prosecution is winning because they're arguing a straightforward case. Straightforward motive- your client killed over money, possession of his website. You need a straightforward alternative. Jealousy.
A: Who's jealous?
W: Anya.
A: But she'll plead the fifth.
W: Right. So use her. (someone walks up and distracts Will. Alicia looks at his feet and they are still pointed at her)
(Will is watching Alicia in court. Peter walks in)
W: This should be interesting. (he leaves)
2x02 Double Jeopardy
Cary: (to Alicia) He killed her you know.
W: We don't know anything.
(Alicia calls Will while he's in bed with the reporter)
W: Yeah it's Will
A: Hi, sorry to call so late. Uhh there's something you might use tomorrow.
Girl: Can't you do this tomorrow?
A: Oh Will, I'm sorry. Uh, I'll phone back.
W: No it's okay. (he gets out of bed) What's up?
A: Um well this is what the CID deemed irrelevant. I, uh...
Military Officer: Three paris of fingerprints found at the crime scene. We found matches for all of them in the military database.
A: Three crime scene fingerprints that match military personnel.
W: Three new suspects, good. Work up subpoenas. Thanks Alicia.
A: See you tomorrow.
W: So Hicks has a silver star.
A: Apparently he single-handedly fought a convoy of insurgents in Fallujah. Saved twenty men.
W: I don't know what to say about that.
A: Don't say anything, it embarasses him.
W: Now he's just making me feel inadequate. When I spring for someone's valet parking I brag about it for a week. Okay, you are now officially counsel of record. (he gets up) What?
A: I just thought I was done visiting men in prison. (Will salutes and walks away)
2x03 Breaking Fast
W: Peter's campaign?
A: Always a source of amusement.
W: Smart of you to stay out of the picture.
A: It's called survival.
W: Look, about the sniper lawsuit, don't take this the wrong way...I'm sorry. That's a bad way to start a conversation. The partners discussed it and...
A: They're dropping it?
W: No, no, we're going forward. We're just running into some political complications.
A: You want me to take a step back?
W: Just until we gain some traction in the negotiations.
A: They think this is about Peter's campaign.
W: Yes. Well we are going head to head against his opponent. We need to tread carefully. Look, I know this is your case. I know how hard you've worked on this.
A: No, no, I get it. It's okay.
W: If it's a win it's your win.
A: I know. (they stare at each other) I'm fine, really.
W: Good, thanks.
A: Umm, did they ask you to tell me?
W: Diane and Derrick? No, I volunteered.
2x04 Cleaning House
(the partners are discussing the gala)
Diane: Well that leaves two seats at our table. Which one of the equity partners do you want to drag up?
Bond: How about the Florricks? (silence) Did I say something?
W: No, it's just Alicia's a second year. I don't think we're inviting associates.
B: Yes but it would look good to clients to have her husband at our table.
D: Yeah. How bout it Will? There's room right here, next to your plus one.
B: Look if I'm stepping on any toes...
W: No, no toes. Sure, great, the Florricks. Go for it.
(Alicia's deposition)
Cary: This is funny. Isn't it? All these connections. My old worklplace, my old boss, my old co-worker, and my new boss competing with your husband. And then there's you two and your...thing.
W: Chicago. Shall we start?
C: Yeah. So Mrs. Florrick, did you leak the deposition you conducted with Mr. Childs?
A: No.
C: Good.
W: So we're done here.
C: Did you tell your husband about Mr. Childs' deposition?
A: No.
C: And is it fair to say that you never leaked confidential information to your husband?
A: It is.
C: Good. Because that would be a disbarrable offense. And is it also fair to say that you never discussed confidential trial information with your husband?
A: It is.
C: Good. (Cary starts going through paperwork, Will snores) There it is. So last year, September 2009 when you first started here at Lockhart/Gardner, was your first case a pro bono murder trial involving a supposed car jacking?
A: Yes.
C: And in this trial you presented evidence that the Chicago PD pitted or buried evidence. Is that right?
A: Yes.
C: Where'd you get this information?
(Alicia looks at Will)
W: Objection Cary. What does this have to do with the leaked deposition?
C: Well, Mrs. Florrick has claimed that she and her husband never discussed confidential trial information.
W: That wasn't a confidential trial.
C: Perfect. Then she shouldn't mind answering.
(Alicia looks at Will)
W: I'm going to request a recess on this. I'm going to review the law on this situation.
C: Yeah, sure. The law, that's what you want to review.
W: Okay, talk to me.
A: I...
W: We have attorney client privilege, Alicia. Talk to me.
A: Peter told me there was pitted evidence. But I pursued it myself. I found the pitted evidence myself.
W: But you only pursued it because Peter pointed you there. (Alicia nods) Okay. Did you solicit this information?
A: No.
W: Then it's a passive breach. He broke confidentiality, you didn't.
A: Yes but he was only trying to help me.
W: I see that but that doesn't matter. He broke confidentiality.
A: Will. This is a fishing expedition.
W: Of course it is but at least you know you're not the target, Peter is.
A: I can't hurt him. He was trying to help me.
W: Alicia listen to me. You're a lawyer, under oath. You have to tell the truth. This isn't just about you. This is about the firm too.
C: So I imagine you had a chance to review the law.
W: I did.
C: Good. So shall we just pick up right where we left off?
W: It's your rodeo.
C: All right. We were discussing your first case here, Mrs. Florrick. A murder case. And I asked you, let's see, quote 'you presented evidence that the Chicago PD had pitted or buried evidence. Is that right' and you said 'yes'. And I asked 'where did you get this information'? So, can you answer that?
A: I can.
C: Please do so now.
A: I got the information from the original discovery. I found a page missing in the defense's xerox.
C: You do know you're under oath.
A: I do.
C: Before you discovered the missing page in the discovery did anyone else tell you about the pitted evidence?
(Alicia squirms, tries to find an answer)
W: No. I think I'll object to that.
C: Object to what?
W: This line of questioning.
C: This line of questioning is on point Mr. Gardner. It goes to confirm or rebut Mrs. Florrick's assertion that she and her husband never discussed confidential trial information.
W: No. But nice try.
C: Then let's call the judge.
W: Good. Let's call him.
C: He'll side with me.
W: He probably will. He'll also allow me to haul Mr. Childs in for questioning.
C: Mr. Childs welcomes a full airing on this matter.
W: My guess is he won't welcome a full airing on a matter I have firsthand knowledge of and intend to question him about, under oath.
C: (turns off the camera) And what matter is that?
W: Something that will hurt him a hell of a lot more than this will hurt Peter.
C: I wish when people threatened they'd actually use words.
W: I'll guarantee you this Cary, when you go back to your boss and report what we just discussed he'll be relieved we didn't use words.
(Cary leaves)
A: Thank you.
W: Hey.
A: Will, I...
W: I just hated how he was doing that, that's all.
A: We're invited to the gala tomorrow night. Would you like me not to go?
W: No, it'll be fun. Go.
A: Well, we're really upfront aren't we?
W: Table 3. You look good.
A: You too. Grown up clothes.
W: Sorry, this is Tamara.
T: Tammy.
A: Hi. Alicia. I need some wine.
W: Did you get the verdict?
A: We did.
W: And?
A: Three million dollars.
W: Ouch.
A: We pay two, the co-defendant pays the rest.
W: Two million?
A: No. Two dollars.
W: You're kidding.
A: The price of the filing. (they high five)
2x05 VIP Treatment
Bond: (to Tammy) So how do you know Will?
T: My sister, she used to date him.
B: Really.
W: Okay.
T: He broke her heart. It was devastating.
W: We don't really need to go there.
B: Now we have to go there.
T: She took 20 aspirin, we had to get her stomach pumped.
W: She's making this up.
T: Will came home from college and told her it was over he'd fallen in love with somebody else. (Will and Alicia look at each other)
A: Excuse me. I'm just, I'm gonna run across the street for a minute.
W: Is everything all right?
A: Oh yes. Can you just let Peter know I'll be right back.
Bond: So what do we do?
W: (to Alicia) Do you believe her?
A: She seems calmer than I would expect but this tip she got, it's just...(she shrugs)
W: Okay, why don't Derrick and I go talk to her.
(Peter talking to Tammy)
P: So, you and Will huh?
T: Yep, me and Will. I don't know actually. He's got issues.
P: Everybody's got issues.
T: No, not him. That's what I always used to like about him. He was fun, a real man. Now he's gone all mushy.
P: Why?
T: He's in love.
P: With you?
T: No, not me. You think people can change who they're in love with?
P: Sure. People fall out of love all the time. And then, uh, then they fall in love with somebody else.
W: I'll catch up with you. (Alicia stops and stares in the hallway until Bond comes back for her)
A: It's almost eleven. Where are we?
W: Diane doesn't have heroes anymore and the firm is going to be trounced tomorrow for dragging a saint into the gutter.
2x07 Bad Girls
W: Like a general waiting on an eight year old king. I heard peer review was rough.
A: A bit. How important is it?
W: I don't know. I'm trying to figure that out. You think it's stupid?
A: I think, it encourages people to denigrate each other to save their jobs.
W: I read your reviews. You didn't.
2x09 Nine Hours
(on the phone)
W: It's Saturday. I said no calls.
A: Oh I'm so sorry Will, it's Alicia.
W: Oh hey, sorry I thought it was work. What's wrong?
A: Nothing. I mean it might be nothing. Last night I turned in the appeal on the Carter Wright execution. And I...approximately two minutes ago the seventh circuit clerk phoned me back. And he asked if I had an addendum.
A: I'm wondering if I should call him back, the clerk at the seventh circuit. We've only got an hour.
W: No not yet. We may have bought ourselves some time with this appeal on the antistetic.
A: How are you doing?
W: I hate this, being powerless.
A: Yeah.
W: He saw his daughter today. Carter did. That's something.
A: That is more than something. (silence) Will?
W: Yeah?
A: Could we talk sometime?
W: We can talk anytime.
A: No, I mean...we need a moment. Just a moment when things don't seem so all over the place.
W: Okay, that's probably not now.
A: No.
2x10 Breaking Up
(Will knocks on Alicia's office door, Owen is inside)
W: Hello.
Owen: Hello. Alicia's not in.
W: I see. And you're...
O: I'm Alicia's brother, Owen.
W: Oh! Hey! I'm sorry. I didn't know you were, uh...I'm Will, her...boss.
O: Her boss, that's impressive.
W: I try not to flash it around a lot.
O: How's my sis doing as a lawyer?
W: Good. Great really.
O: Well don't tell her that. She works best when she’s worried she’s not living up to other people’s expectations.
W: That's good to know.
(Alicia sees them laughing in her office)
W: Oh, hi.
A: Hi.
O: Hi! Brought you something from Botswana.
A: How nice. And here I thought you were gone for another two weeks.
O: Came back early, isn't that funny?
W: We've been getting better acquainted.
A: Okay, so that makes me nervous.
W: So I'll let you two talk, just one quick thing. The Murphy/Gomez suit?
A: Yeah, we're right on target.
W: No, Murphy's son. He got picked up last night at Cook State College on a drug charge. Prescription stimulants, small time. I guess it's quite the thing to do during finals week.
A: First offense?
W: Yeah, a 1410 at the worst. If I could put a junior associate on it but Murphy/Gomez is such a cash cow.
A: No, no don't worry about it. I've got it.
W: Kalinda will phone when she finds out where he's being processed.
A: Okay.
W: Owen, it's really nice meeting you.
O: Oh, really nice to meet you too, Will...what was it again?
W: Gardner.
O: Gardner, of course. (Will leaves) That's a familiar name.
(staring at the gun on the ground)
A: So what do we do?
W: It's illegal to take it.
A: So we just leave it? Hope maybe the police don't find it?
W: It's not technically part of the crime scene. Police haven't found any evidence yet. And who's to say that this gun was the gun. We took it into our possession. We were in a crime ridden neighborhood. We were worried someone would find the gun before the police were contacted. (Alicia gives him incredulous look) It's evidence. We can't destroy, move, alter, conceal evidence.
A: So that's it then.
W: Yes.
W: I'm sorry I have to be tough. People decide their future in a heartbeat and the don't know how important that heartbeat is. Wilk's doing the same thing in his room.
A: I understand. I just don't have to like it. But I understand.
2x11 Two Courts
A: Do you have a minute?
W: Sure. Oh that's right. You wanted to talk when things calmed down. (Alicia looks confused) During the death row appeal you said you wanted to talk about something.
A: Oh no. I mean yes, at some point but this is something else. Someone told Blake to do a background check on me?
W: Some...what?
A: He investigated my old neighborhood, he talked to my old neighbors. He said it was a background check. What's going on?
W: I have no idea.
A: It's just...
W: You don't have to explain. I'll find out. I didn't ask for it, Diane didn't ask for it.
A: Then Bond?
W: I'll find out.
A: That's not what I wanted to talk about when I asked before. It...
W: I know what it is.
A: do you know?
W: Diane told me.
A: Are we possibly talking about two different things?
W: Diane asked you to join her at her new firm.
A: Yes that's what it was. I wanted to tell you but she invoked confidentiality.
W: I get it. Don't worry.
A: I don't want to go with her.
W: Good. I'm glad. (they look at each other)
A: Okay, I'm going now. Maybe another time, things will slow down.
W: Here's what I think we should do. Judge Weldon is biased. I think we can get his bias to work for us. I'm going to provoke him by asking for a recusal. And I'm afraid I need you to bear the brunt of his anger. The jury will react more if they see him being biased against you.
A: You're going for jury nullification?
W: Yes, or a strong appeal. We can't undo his bias but we can push it.
A: Okay. Whatever you need.
2x12 Silly Season
(Alicia walks into Diane's office, all the partners are there)
D: Come on in. You've seen this? What Blake found?
A: I have now.
D: You think we should use it?
A: I think I was told to defer to the partners so that's what I'll do.
W: And if you weren't defering?
A: I would ask if it were true.
B: We're running into difficulties with the original strategy.
A: Yes but if the new strategy isn't true it will be easy to undercut.
D: (to Bond) What do you think?
B: I think we don't have much choice.
2x13 Real Deal
A: Yeah?
W: How's it going?
A: Good but slow. Everybody's wary here.
W: They'll climb on board when they smell the money.
A: I don't think so. It's a conservative neighborhood. They don't like lawyers.
W: That's why I sent you. We got the preliminary report back on the core samples. Something like this could reach pretty high. 55 million.
A: You're kidding.
W: Nope. You're gonna change a lot of lives out there. Just keep signing them up. Call me when you're done.
A: You okay?
W: Am I...yeah. Why?
A: Well I just asked you what you thought a good compromise comeout offer was and you said yes.
W: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm distracted. Life is complicated isn't it?
A: It can be.
W: I don't know what I want. I'm very good when I know what I want but when I don't...I suck.
A: Is this work?
W: It's... (Will looks at her then smiles) Nothing. I need friends. I need like a fat buddy who I can tell things to and get drunk.
A: I'll work on that.
(Meeting between David Lee, Will, Diane and Kalinda)
DL: Two equity partners and one junior associate? Why Alicia?
W: (everyone looks at Will) Her close connection to me.
K: That would be my guess. He wouldn't want to put key-logging software on your computer but he wanted to keep track of what you wrote to Alicia.
DL: What did you tell her?
W: Alicia? About this? Nothing.
2x14 Net Worth
(on the phone- Will in the office, Alicia in the car with Owen)
W: Alicia. Hey. Sorry to bother you at lunch but something pretty big came up. Can you come by my office when you get back?
A: Umm, Will, I'm not at lunch.
O: Someone's in trouble.
W: I'm so sorry. You're gone. I completely forgot.
A: No, no, no it's just a week. I'll be back Monday. Was there something you needed?
W: Nothing. Some defamation suits. Same as the Duke Roscoe case last year. Don't worry. I've got it. Have fun. Where are you again?
A: Well right now Oregon but it's not for fun.
O: Hey!
A: I'm helping my brother move to Chicago. So if you need anything I...hello?
O: What do you mean it is not for fun?
A: I was talking to work.
O: Will? Will Gardner? That name again. Like a guilty little computer churning out the same name- Will, Will, Will...
A: He's my boss.
O: I know. The sultry eyed Will.
A: He does not have sultry eyes. What are sultry eyes anyway? (Owen imitates sultry eyes) Oh that's it. You caught him exactly. Hey look, first state.
O: You know you're getting less and less subtle changing your subjects. I think we should take a minute and talk about this Will some more.
(on the phone)
W: Alicia, sorry to do this to you but I need everything you have on the Duke Roscoe defamation suit. How quickly can you get to a landline?
A: Soon?
W: Cause we're gonna win this. We're gonna win this big.
(on the phone)
W: We need to prove the studio not only knew the movie was untrue but they were reckless about the possibility of its falsehood and they'll never admit to that.
A: We have to prove he was a private figure.
W: We already tried that. Edelstein's been written about too much. Where are you? The reception's better.
A: (standing on top of the car) I found a high spot. Here's the question. What does Edelstein want? He's too rich to want money.
W: My guess is he wants an apology. But the studio won't apologize. Wait. I don't need the studio to admit reckless disregard.
A: You don't?
W: No. I need the screenwriter to.
A: Why would the screenwriter admit to reckless disregard?
W: Because he wants to. My guess is the writer wants to say it's his story, not Edelstein's. I think he's pissed he can't.
A: That's right, that's what we did with Duke Roscoe. Played his ego.
W: Great. Get me the notes from the Duke Roscoe deposition.
A: Oh, I'll need to find wi-fi.
W: Soon as you can. Thanks.
A: I need to find wi-fi.
O: Yeah, yeah, there's Starbucks on every corner here. So, sultry Will is Mr. Georgetown? Am I right? I found my journal in the backseat. You kept writing about Mr. Georgetown. Is that him?
A: Owen. Please. I need to get wi-fi.
O: Aww talk to me. I'll get you wi-fi.
A: Get me wi-fi then I'll talk.
...wi-fi talk
O: Now what is the deal with Will?
A: He's my boss.
O: Yeah but I've seen the way you two guys talk to each other. (silence) That is a telling pause.
A: I like Will. He likes me. We work well together.
O: Making sweet music. (she gives him a look and is silent) Alicia.
A: I don't know okay. What am I doing? I like work. I don't want to screw up work.
O: Are you, are you sleeping with him?
A: No.
O: But you want to.
A: I want to... not think about it. Okay?
O: Okay.
(on the phone- Will and Diane in the office, Alicia and Owen in a motel room)
W: Diane and I decided to change the strategy and go after something winnable.
A: Right of publicity?
W: Yeah we've been going after the wrong thing. We can't win defamation. That's about intent. We don't need intent to prove the studio infringed on Edelstein's right of publicty.
O: Why is that?
A: Sorry that's Owen.
W: Oh, hello Owen! Sorry to take your sister away.
O: Oh don't worry. I don't think she minds being taken away. I'm going now! Um, right of publicity sounds good to me.
W: And Blalock in his deposition said Edelstein had a right to make his own movie. And that's the point. The studio used him to make money. And now they owe him that money.
D: Sam Moore vs. the Weinsteins. They're arguing the movie Soulman prevents them from being the ultimate beneficiaries of their trademarks. The only problem is the studio can argue it's a transformative work of art.
A: Unless you start to chip away at it.
W: How?
A: Look into their product placement.
W: Okay. Everybody read and get together tomorrow. Be ready at 8.
A: Okay.
A: I don't want to bail you out of jail.
O: You never did it?
A: (waving away smoke) Never.
O: With Will?
A: Will's gonna be your go to from now on isn't it?
A: Will phoned me to tell me something but I never got the message.
O: What?
A: Will phoned me to tell me something passionate and I never heard him.
O: How did you never hear it?
A: I don't know. My phone gobbles things.
O: It doesn't gobble things? What are you like 4?
A: No, I mean, the pictures I sent mom? Pshew. (waving away motion)
O: Look that is because you didn't include it as an attachment.
A: Please. Can we not talk about my technological ineptness?
O: Yeah how do you know he phoned if you didn't get the message?
A: I can't tell you. It's confidential.
O: Your love life is confidential?
A: Do I talk to him, that's the question. Do I ask him what he said?
O: Do you ask Will what he said to you?
A: Yes. But he's in love with somebody. Well I meant not in love, in something. And she's nice. I really like her. And they like sports together. They're always talking about 'three pointer this, and three pointer that'. I know I just made fun of her voice but I do think that it would really be a mistake to ask him.
O: Oh wow.
A: I'm conflicted.
O: You're in love.
A: I can't be.
O: Happens to the best of us.
A: What do I do?
O: What do I want you to do or what will you do?
A: Which one will I like more?
O: We get home, you clean up a little cause you're looking a little rough around the edges. You comb your hair and you put on something nice but businesslike. You know, not too slutty. And you go to him. And you say Will I need a moment of your time. And he'll be like okay, like that, kind of manly like. And then, you say...
A: What?
O: I've been watching you for fifteen years. I'm tired of shoving love to the side and serving other people. I can't think of anything more important in my life right now than the feeling of your breath on my neck, your hands on my breasts...
A: I can't do that.
O: It's Alicia-time!
A: Shut-up.
A: You want to come in?
O: No. I better get moved in. So, well, thanks.
A: Sure. (stops the elevator doors) What did you mean, what I will do?
O: What?
A: About Will. You said what you want me to do and what I will do. What will I do?
O: Oh. You're a good person, Alicia. You're pretending that you're not, that this recent unpleasantness has changed you but it hasn't. You are who you are. You can't cheat. It's not in your makeup. Thanks for the company. I'll see you soon.
A: Okay.
W: Hey! How was, uh, everywhere?
A: It was good, good.
W: Good job on the road. The studio apologized. We did pretty well.
A: Will I need a moment of your time.
W: Okay.
A: I never got the second message to my cell phone. I don't know why.
W: The second? No you got everything.
A: When you phoned Peter's press conference you left two messages but I didn't get the second, I only got the first. I hate missed connections and that stuff so...Can I ask? What did you say?
W: In my second message?
A: Yes. (silence) You don't have to say.
W: No, I will. I said, I think you made the right decision, with Peter. And I didn't want us to be uncomfortable.
A: Okay. Good. And we're not.
W: No we're not.
A: Okay. I should get back to work.
W: (stops her by grabbing her hand) It's good to have you back.
A: It's good to be back.
2x15 Last Shot
W: I need you to help Diane with this law suit. He just got dropped by his insurance and he's pushing for a quick trial. My only worry is that Diane will lose her perspective on this one.
A: And you want me to...?
W: Keep that perspective.
A: Okay.
W: How you doing?
A: I...never better.
W: Good.
W: But she hasn't lost perspective?
A: No. She's fighting hard.
W: Unfortunately I need her to fight harder at work too.
2x16 Great Firewall
Bond: Do you have the contracts?
W: Actually I need Alicia in my deposition. (Bond walks away) It's all coming down. Tensions are high.
A: Over?
W: Partners' meeting. Friday. Look I know it's last minute but I need you in these depositions.
A: What is it?
W: Internet suit. ... They don't want to go to court so we're trying to scare them into settling. Just look angry and intense.
A: I can do that.
A: This is about Patric Edelstein. Patric Edelstein, the billionaire. The one we represented in his case against the movie about his life. We're still representing him?
W: His midwestern concerns, yes.
A: But this China suit. We're doing it for Edelstein. He wants Chun Hom out of China so he can move in and monopolize it.
W: I don't know.
A: But you do.
W: It's a good case. No matter what. Shen Yuan was tortured, imprisoned.
A: Yes, but that's not why we're pursuing it.
W: Alicia...
A: I just for one minute wanted to think that we were doing the right thing.
W: But we are doing the right thing.
A: But for the wrong reason.
W: Who do you know who is doing something for the right reason? I'd love to meet them because my guess is after five minutes of questioning we'd find the wrong reason.
A: You believe that?
W: I do believe that. And if you thought about all you've learned this last year, you'd believe it too.
A: Edelstein moves into China what does he do?
W: What do you mean?
A: Does he turn over the name of more dissidents?
W: It's the law.
W: In ten minutes either Bond will run this firm, or we will. (turns and sees Alicia still sitting there) Good job.
2x19 Wrongful Termination
A: Solomon Harwell, LMSG.
W: We had 11 million of their business last year.
A: Yes. And his son just made it in to Harvard.
Tammy: Hello.
A: Oh, hi. Did you see Will?
T: No.
A: Oh, do you want to?
T: No, sister is staying with me, I just needed to get out of the house. My sister used to date Will.
A: Yes I know.
T: She was talking about Will breaking up with her and the reason he broke up with her and the, the person he broke up with her for, it's you, isn't it?
A: Yes.
T: Oh!
A: I'm married. I've moved on. Will has moved on. We were kids. We're not kids anymore.
T: I don't know. Will is.
A: No. No. He isn't. He thinks he is. Sorry. I'm late.
W: (on Tammy's voicemail) Look I got another hour here. I just want to talk, that's all. So give me a call when you get this.
A: We still have the other two employees who committed suicide who weren't taking Aveltil.
W: It's odd about Stern isn't it? So sudden.
A: Yeah. I saw him the day before. He seemed normal. (Will checks him phone) Tammy?
W: Yes.
A: She talked to me the other day. Here. Her sister told her I was the reason you broke up with her. I told Tammy there was nothing anymore. Whatever was between us back then.
W: Thank you. It's complicated.
A: I know. Everything is.

2x21 In Sickness
Patti: Hello. Phone your boyfriend. Tell him I need to ask him something.
A: My boyfriend?
P: Will Gardner. Tell him I want to see him in 30 minutes or I'm on to the next.
W: She's a piece of work, huh?
A: Yet she has her moments.
W: Yeah. Congratulations on Peter by the way. I saw his speech. It was good. Are you excited?
A: I'm...busy.
W: I bet he will be too. Why don't you take a week off after all this, spend some time with him.
A: (Will starts to turn off the baby monitor) No! Turn it back up.
W: What?
Peter: You're sleeping with Will, aren't you? That's what this is about, isn't it? You and Will. There have been three people in this marriage. Every moment of the last two years, you've been thinking about him. Go ahead, tell me that's not true.

2x22 Getting Off
K: It's time to move on.
W: What are you, a Dylan song? You said you had my back.
K: What do you want from life Will?
W: What do I want? I don't know. Suddenly this is about me.
K: You want the same things as Alicia?
W: Alicia? I...I don't know. There's a vast difference between us.
K: Because she's married.
W: Yeah, for one. And she has kids and I...What are we talking about here?
K: She's separated from her husband.
W: What?
K: Alicia. She's separated from Peter.
W: It's not...There are too many issues.
K: I know, there always are.
W: Why? Why'd they separate?
K: It's not public knowledge so don't tell her I told you.
W: I'm not gonna tell her anything.
K: You know best.
W: Good job. Really good job. I loved seeing Nancy Crozier's face.
A: Yeah. Thanks.
W: How are you? Is everything good?
A: Everything's good. You?
W: Yeah, I guess. You know. If you ever want to talk...
A: Sure.
W: Good. I'm here. Oh, Kalinda, good. I want you to prep Alicia for the questioning of Dana tomorrow. Thanks.

2x23 Closing Arguments
D: ...In the meantime, three prongs. Keep tabs on the jury's progress. When the jury comes in the clock runs out.
W: I'm on it. I know the sheriff.
D: Good. The second prong, the State's Attorney. We can stop this case based on new evidence but Glenn Childs won't. It's his swan song. So we need to get to the new State's Attorney and prep him on Childs intransigence.
W: I'll talk to him. I'm at the courthouse anyway.
D: Good...
W: Hey, good job on the envelope. I'm heading to the courthouse now. Going through suspects?
A: Yes. Trying to find DNA to compare with the glove. But Will...
W: Yes? Ride down with me.
A: Oh. When you talk to Peter-
W: Don't worry we'll be fine.
A: No, no, I know. It's just...there might be tension. I just don't want you to be unprepared.
W: For?
A: We've been having some troubles.
W: Ah. I'm sorry.
A: No, no, don't be. It's um, it's a long time coming.
W: Alicia I'm sorry. He thinks (points to himself)...
A: No no. It's nothing. I'm over-worrying it. It'll be fine.
W: Are you alright?
A: We'll talk. I have to look through some cases.
W: (staring at the family) It's nice. (Alicia squeezes his arm)
W: God I hate tequila.
A: Oh it's so good.
W: It's always the good girls isn't it. They're the ones with the deep dark secrets.
A: Yeah, well, because we're catching up.
W: Two more please.
Waitress: Anytime.
A: You and the women.
W: What?
A: You and the women. Chicago's 16th Most Eligible Bachelor.
W: Yeah the women like me until they discover the real me.
A: Which is?
W: You don't want to know.
A: Oh come on. I'm constantly spilling it. What's the real you?
W: Uncontrollable bladder syndrome. (both laughing) You have a good laugh.
A: And Tammy? What about Tammy? How's Tammy?
W: My girlfriend? I think she's in London. She called me yesterday after the closing arguments and her bags were packed, I was supposed to rush over to see her to convince her to stay.
A: And?
W: I got the call about the glove. (Alicia takes a drink) We've always had bad timing haven't we?
A: We have.
W: What if we were to suddenly have good timing just for an hour? What would that look like?
A: I think that would look like an exceptional moment. (Will's hand slides over Alicia's)
W: (to desk clerk) Ma'am. Ma'am.
Clerk: Hi.
W: Hi. We need a room for the night.
C: Sorry sir we're completely booked.
W: There's no rooms.
C: Yes sir I'm sorry.
W: How is that possible?
C: Well we have the Burme Association Convention in town.
W: There's nothing?
C: Well the Presidential Suite but that's $7800 a night. (Will and Alicia smile at each other and he puts his card down) The name of your personal butler is Jerome.
A: (on the way up in the elevator) Will...maybe...(he takes her hand)
W: (he can't get the key to work in the door) Come on, please God, one hour, that's all we want.
A: It's okay.
W: I'll run downstairs and get a new key. Thirty seconds. (she grabs his arm) What? (she takes the key and opens the door)
Season 3
3x01 A New Day
Diane: Ask Will to step in.
Alicia: Will? Sure.
Secretary: He's late. Overslept. Must be from celebrating yesterday's victory.
A: Must be.

Secretary: Alicia dropped by for you.
Will: Why?
S: I don't know. Do you want me to get her?
W: No. Later.

W: Hey. Am I interrupting?
A: Nope. How are you?
W: Good. Do you have a moment to talk?
A: About last night?
W: Yeah.

D: Mr. Al-Sayid was just here. He wants us to pull out of Jamal's defense. He's afraid defending a youth who makes light of a suicide bombing will undercut Eli's pro-Muslim campaign.
A: He wasn't making light of it. He was playing a video game.
W: In which he killed a schoolhouse full of kids.
A: Yes, but in a videogame. Have you seen videogames lately? We can't abandon Jamal. He was looking at misdemeanor battery. We helped him into a murder charge.
W: We?
A: I helped him into a murder charge. Which I did as a representative of this firm. We made a commitment to him.
D: What do you think?
W: I think your friend will pull out of Eli's campaign and go right back to his old firm with his ten million dollars.
D: Yeah. But still- retail rules.
W: We break it we own it?
D: Okay. We'll stick with Jamal. Win this one.

A: Jamal's roommate Amir is the most likely suspect.
W: He has an alibi. Praying.
A: Yes but he was alone.
W: What about the other roommate Tariq?
A: We can't find any contact between Tariq and the victim and he doesn't have the political motive. Amir is the Palestinian hardliner. Tariq could care less.
D: Okay. Thank you Alicia. Keep us in touch. (she leaves)
W: What do you think?
D: I think you're holding something against her.
W: I'm what?
D: Alicia. Maybe it's unconscious maybe it's not but you're being hard on her.
W: No. She's a third year associate on a partner track. She's treating us like peers. That's all you're seeing.
D: Oh my God, am I the only adult left here? Could everybody just put their emotions away?
W: I got to get to a meeting unless you have some other stray observations for me.

A: Are we overdoing it?
W: Diane thinks I'm going too hard on you. Am I? Going too hard? All those late nights.
A: No time off.
W: Buried in work.
A: Up to my knees.
Neighbors: He's doing it again mom he's doing it again!
W: Just my neighbors. Come on let's go to the bedroom.
A: No no don't move, don't move.

W: You need a friend K.
Kalinda: Why do I need a friend?
W: Or a dog. Maybe you need a dog. Kalinda and pooch out investigating.
K: I'm fine Will. Really.
W: We're not like normal people are we?
K: What are normal people like?
W: Emotional.
K: You're emotional.
W: No. Sometimes when I'm in the middle of an emotion and I just look at myself and realize I'm not feeling anything. I just like acting like someone who feels something.
K: You want to stop acting and actually feel.
W: Yeah.
K: Yeah. (she punches him)
W: Oww.
K: That's what it feels like.
W: Thanks. I got to go. I got to be somewhere at 8:45.
K: Really? That specific?
W: Yep. Be good.
3x02 The Death Zone
Will: Demure huh?
Alicia: Change of plans.
W: Hmm. I think I'm having American Revolution fantasies that turn me on.
A: Well I can dress up.
W: I want to take you now.
A: Well that might prove difficult.
W: In my bathroom.
A: Uh huh. We have ten minutes.
W: I'll go first.
A: Oh Will we're being watched.
W: What is that book you wanted...To be continued.
A: Uh huh.

W: So you decided against the audit.
Diane: nods
W: Smart.
D: Have Alicia and her husband separated?
W: Is it any of our business?
D: If there's blowback on our firm then yes, it is our business.
W: Is there? Blowback on our firm?
D: Will, this is my life. It's yours too. Have Alicia and her husband separated?
W: Ask her.
D: We can't be the enemy of the state's attorney.
W: We're not.
D: He wanted to audit us.
W: Because he wants to run a clean office.
D: This is crazy. She's supposed to work for us. If she's working against we should let her go.
W: She's not.
D: But if she is?
W: Then, we'll let her go.
D: If she works against us we are letting her go. I can hold you to that?
W: Yes.
3x03 Get A Room
Alicia: ...I'm sorry, but I would be asking for twice as much.
(mediator leaves)
Will: Good job. Keep on him. Everyone. The mediator is threatening to keep us here through the weekend and I think he means it. So make arrangements.

A: So what do you think?
W: I think we have a gun to our head and can't wait for trial. We have to get a good deal in mediation. Damn!
A: (her phone rings) Be right there. Owen, can you do me a favor?

Owen: The whole weekend?
A: Maybe not the whole one. It's hot right? The nights are hot?
O: Oh steaming. Sultry with the scent of jasmine and forbidden love.
A: Coat, no coat?
O: No coat.
A: You're fine with this right? I just need someone with the kids through Sunday.
O: Sure! The fun uncle. I'm the fun uncle. So, you and Will, in a hotel room.
A: Yes. Will, me, four lawyers, six of their lawyers, and a mediator.
O: You and Will checkin out the hot tub.
A: In a businessman's hotel
O: Oooh the best sex I ever had was in a businessman's hotel.
A: Oh okay, can we not go there.
O: You are so funny. You are the most prudish wanton woman I know. (Alicia walks off) Hey what was that?
A: What? Nothing. I have to go.
W: You were about to say something.
A: You won't get in a fight with Peter right? He's picking up the kids for dinner Saturday night.
O: I didn't mean it. About the wanton. Alicia! Talk to me.
A: Owen, I would if I had the time.
O: You have to wait for the elevator so talk to me here.
A: Okay.
O: You're sleeping with Will. Which is why you left your husband. (elevator opens) Oh come on.
A: I'll call you later.

W: Where's Kalinda? I thought she was looking into their bottom line.
A: I'll call, where are you going?
W: To meet a reporter.

Celeste: There you are.
W: I can't tell what he says here.
C: Yep. I think you were up by 32 last time we played.
W: Nine years ago?
C: That's right. You always hated my memory thing.
W: One cheerio ante?
C: Two. Inflation.
W: So I heard you got married.
C: Twice. I heard you didn't. (Will adds two cards) You were always bad at bluffing. Who's the lady friend?
W: The...?
C: The lawyer. I get a strong possessive sense there. You're not gonna say?
W: I say either way you'll use it in negotiations.
C: Ohh, call.
W: So how do you know Gretchen?
C: Gretchen?
W: The reporter. Through your firm?
C: I have no idea what you're talking about.
W: So are we gonna play cards all night or are we gonna negotiate?
C: How about both? You lose this hand you convince your client take my deal, I lose this hand I convince my client to take your deal.
W: What deal?
C: Ten million.
W: And if I lose?
C: She takes five hundred thousand.
W: So that's your bottom line huh, ten million.
C: I miss you Will, I really do. Why did you drop out?
W: I didn't. Moved on.
C: To...
W: Adulthood.
C: As I remember we did some pretty adult things ourselves. Come on, one bet. Settle this like adults. No mediator. And your lady friend will be so impressed when you show up at her door with ten million in your hand.
W: No thanks.
C: Oh come on. Where's the old Will? Embrace the risk!
W: No thanks.
C: Wuss. Too bad, you would've won.

A: Anything?
W: They want to pay five hundred thousand but they're willing to go to ten million.
A: You're kidding.
W: Nope.
A: We were willing to take five million.
W: The only bad news is I don't think she planted the story with Gretchen. But I can't tell. She's a good bluffer.
A: Anything else?
W: Yeah. She's gonna try to play you.
A: In what way?
W: Jealousy.
A: Using your past? (he nods) To what end?
W: Rattle you, get you to admit the bottom line, just for the kick of it.
A: So you and her huh?
W: Two years.
A: I just don't see it.
W: I was a different person.
A: And she's the same?
W: Oh yeah.
A: Well, what if I play jealous? For the mediator.
W: Maybe you should.

C: I know what it looks like when he fails and he is failing. Alicia talk to him.
A: Excuse me?
C: I'm just saying, Will and I talked last night.
W: Celeste!
C: What? And we were trying to negotiate a deal. Clearly his ego got in the way. I used to be able to talk to him. I can't talk to him now so you'll have to talk to him.
W: Celeste what are you doing?
C: I'm talking to her. I'm just saying that Will and I got together, we had a productive session, that's all, and I was thinking we should do that again.
Mediator: Okay, I think we've taken a turn towards the personal. And what I think we should maybe do...
A: Excuse me. (she leaves, smiles outside the door)

A: What's it say?
W: That it's minor modification.
A: Mediator's on our side.
W: Yep, nice job by the way, but he was still impressed by this.
A: Okay so we have to get someone to say it was vastly modified.
W: We need Kalinda.

O: When did this happen? You're the one out, having sex with your boyfriend.
A: Owen.
O: And I'm the one at home with the kids.
A: And it's much appreciated.
O: Are you gonna get hurt? By this guy?
A: I don't know. I have no perspective.
O: You should have rebelled in high school then you wouldn't have to do it now.
A: Is that what this is? Rebellion?
O: Or love. It's not love, is it?
A: No.
O: Good. Because that would make it very complicated.
3x04 Feeding the Rat
Celeste: Do you know what it means to feed the rat Will?
Will: Do
C: You can live your sweet little domesticated life, you can date your cute little apple cheeked lawyer...
W: Apple cheeked?
C: But eventually you have to feed the rat. Return to the wild.
W: Uh-huh. That's fascinating. We're not going above three percent.
C: You need to feed the rat Will. You are killing yourself trying to be normal.
W: I am normal.
C: (grabs Peter) Mr. Florrick, hi, big fan.
Peter: Hello.
C: I came here especially hoping to bump into you. I think you know Will Gardner.
P: Yes I do. Hi Wil.
W: Peter.
C: You two have so much in common don't you.
P: We do have a lot in common. And how do you two know each other?
C: Us? We...
W: Worked at the same firm together, long time ago.
C: We did a lot more than that.
W: The Baltimore firm, Osterman Lee, Canfields. My first job out of college.
C: My first threesome was with Will. That's true. What was her name again?
W: Celeste. Okay.
P: Well you have to start somewhere.
C: Alicia Florrick huh? Well she works with Will, she's married to you. Must be quite an arrangement. Discuss.
P: It is quite an arrangement, yes.
C: Any awkward moments?
P: You mean besides this one?
C: How many kids do you have Peter?
P: Two, a boy and a girl.
C: I love boys and girls. That's very domestic. What ages?
P: Sixteen and fourteen.
C: That's a very good age isn't that a very good age Will? Me I don't get kids. I mean I get why they're important. But...
P: You get them if you got them.
C: Really? I don't know. I'm too selfish. Have you ever met his kids?
W: No I haven't.
C: Really? Alicia never brought them to work?
W: I think I'll head out. Good to see you Peter.
P: Yeah.

Eli: Between Will and Diane, who holds more power?
Kalinda: It's equal.
E: It's never equal.
K: Well, Diane has more power in criminal and Will in civil.
E: But Diane controls the purse strings.
K: Only by default. Will hates dealing with it.
E: But if Will says no is it real?
K: Often.
E: You're not helping much.
K: Darn.
E: And this Julius guy, what about him?
K: Oh, he's head of litigation.
E: He doesn't like me. Why doesn't he like me?
K: You're the new and shiny thing.
E: Does it matter that he doesn't like me?
K: No.
E: Anybody else with power?
K: David Lee, family law.
E: And Alicia, where does she stand in all this? Yes?
K: She's only a third year associate but she matters.
E: Because of her husband.
K: Various reasons. She can persuade people.
E: People as in Will.
K: What are you looking for Eli?
E: The hierarchy. Usually I can figure it out but this place is like a mom and pop store.
K: It's all Will and Diane. If you want to persuade Diane, you persuade David Lee. If you want to persuade Will, you persuade Alicia.
E: And here comes your next customer.

W: What are you doing?
Alicia: I'm working on a pro bono, what are you doing?
W: I don't know. Whoring myself out. I sort of miss you.
A: I sort of miss you too.
W: What can we do about that?
A: I don't know. What do you wanna do?
W: Let me call you back.
A: I'll be here.
W: Okay. Love you. I said that...
A: I know.
W: No, automatically, mechanically, I didn't mean anything.
A: Will don't worry about it.
W: It's not that I don't care.
A: Will call me later.
W: Right. Goodbye.

C: Take you to breakfast?
W: No.
C: You sound so definitive.
W: Yep.
C: So I'll hear from you on the baseball commissioner job?
W: Celeste no. I didn't like this life even when I was living it. I didn't like not knowing when I was being conned or conning.
C: You don't think there's a job.
W: No I checked. In ten or fifteen years there's a chance I could vie for baseball commissioner. What a sad thought that is. Losing what I love now to chase something in the future.
C: What do you love? You said losing what I love now.
W: My job.
C: I don't believe you. I don't believe you love it. What you love is winning and you can't win big enough at Lockhart/Gardner. This is your dream. Whatever happened to pursuing your dream?
W: What happened to work? Not everybody can pursue their dreams. Someone has to work.
C: That is so sad.
W: No not really. Take care.

A: Hi.
W: Hi.
A: How was whoring?
W: Unproductive. Listen about what I said yesterday.
A: Will please. I'm on the phone with my kids and I say I love you then I'm on the phone with my mother-in-law and I say I love you too. It's an accident.
W: Yes but do you think we should talk?
A: No I don't actually.
W: You don't?
A: No.
W: You sure?
A: I'm so sure. I've never been so sure.
W: I'm not interested in anyone else.
A: Will. You're talking about it.
W: No fuss no muss.
A: That's me.
3x05 Marthas and Caitlins
Alicia: Yes sir?
Will: David Lee is here.
David Lee: We need more conference room space. I'm like an itenerant farmer out here.
W: So Alicia, David and I head up the hiring committee and we've decided the firm needs a new first year associate. So we want you to interview and hire someone.
A: Really?
D: These are the new graduates from U of C. See who you like.
A: You want me to do the actual hiring?
W: In consultation with the committe. And you'll be mentoring him too so choose well.
D: Or her. Oh Alicia, I need to talk to you a minute about the Cole divorce. (he leaves)
A: Thank you for this.
W: No not me. David. I'm still supposed to be tense with you remember? And by the way I know how Celeste works.
A: Don't worry about it.
W: No she thrives on chaos. She'll say a lot of things about me just to see how you react.
A: Then I won't react.

W: Really. I didn't know that. Is she good?
A: Caitlin? Yes. It's just that... She's David Lee's niece, I'm feeling a little pressure.
W: Who's the better lawyer?
A: Well they're both good. I just, I don't know. There's something about Martha. I like her. And Caitlin is a classic C student.
W: Well you know what they say. A students make great professors, B students make great judges, and C students make partner.
A: Okay, I gotta go. Thanks Will.

Celeste: You're gonna have to supervise the wire. He thinks you care about him. What's even weirder, you do care about him.
A: No. I don't want him getting killed. That's a pretty low bar for caring.
C: It's a pretty high bar for a wife killer. You're very interesting Alicia.
How'd you end up with Will?
A: What makes you think we ended up together?
C: Will's attitude. He's smitten.
A: Really? Smitten?
C: Feels like the right word. It's sweet and high school and very vanilla. That's no slam on you.
A: No of course not. What about you? You broke up with Will nine years ago? And yet here you are trying to hurt him. Talk about high school.

C: You know the best revenge?
A: Hide his bluetooth.
C: No hire his niece then make her life hell.
A: Oh my God you are so right.
C: You'll never do it.
A: No I will do it. I'm not a good person.
C: Yes you are, shut-up. I just don't like women. I find them uninteresting.
A: Excuse me?
C: I don't like women. They'rea ll competing with me.
A: Don't men compete with you?
C: No they don't. You have female friends?
A: No. But I don't have any male friends either.
C: That's so sad. I'd be your friend but I can't.
A: Why not?
C: Because. Will.
A: Ahh. That's right.
C: Yeah. I don't like you being with him. I'm gonna break you two up.
A: Okay, how?
C: How will I do it? (Alicia nods) I will tell you about him.
A: Well go ahead. Give me your worst.
C: No I like you.
A: See that's your problem. You built it up too much so if he hasn't buried a hobo in the desert I will be unimpressed.
C: Ahh well it's ancient history anyway. And it was only forty five thousand dollars.
A: That's all?
C: Yep. And he put it back.
A: You're so bad at this.
C: Yeah I know I'm sorry. I'm transparent as cellophane. I gotta go
A: You're kidding.
C: No. Just remember- Will is like me. He'll always disappoint you.

A: I don't get it. Why put me through the charade if you were just going...
W: Alicia.
A: No. I want to know. I never had any power did I? It was all rigged.
W: David Lee appealed to the hiring committee. And the hiring committee voted to go another way. That's all. It happens.
A: Which way did you vote?
W: On what?
A: The committee voted for Caitlin and against Martha. Which way did you vote?
W: I voted with David Lee.
A: Why?
W: Because I owed him.
A: For what?
W: You don't want to know.
A: I do want to know. I feel used Will. I feel like I was given a job and it was taken away from me.
W: There was a Martha when we hired you Alicia. On paper she was the better candidate and you were the Caitlin. You were gonna lose in a vote. I asked David Lee to vote with me. So I owed him. You okay?
A: Thank you.
W: Caitlins often surprise you.
3x06 Affairs of State
Will: Sorry about calling you at home.
Alicia: No problem. Everything all right?
W: Yes, actually this is about work.
A: Oh, good. I mean, I'm here.
W: Your new hire, the first year?
A: Caitlin.
W: Yes, a call came in about the Jin-Pyn account. She was the only one here.
She went out on it but I think she'll need some hand-holding.
A: Oh, oh, okay. What's it about?
W: No idea, but the son seems to be in some kind of legal trouble.
Grace: Mom! It's dad!
A: I'll be right there! (to Will) Do you have the address?

Caitlin: Oh, Alicia hey! Mr. Gardner was a judge in my inter-collegiate moot court.
A: Really?
W: Until I was removed. Bias.
C: Yeah, they had like some sixty year old come in.
W: Anyway.
A: Yeah, Caitlin.
C: Oh sorry. Orientation right?
W: Go get orientated. (Alicia and Caitlin leave)
A: So this binder has all your human resource forms, a fact sheet on billing, ABA, and pro bono requirements.
C: Great, thanks. He's nice isn't he?
A: Who, Will Gardner? Yes. So is Diane. They're both also busy. So if there's anything you need you come to me first.
C: Oh sorry, did I just embarass myself?
A: No, no, no, you did fine.
C: oh God I did, didn't I?
A: Caitlin you were fine. Here, work over here. Go ahead start filling these out.

W: Hello.
Zach: Oh my mom's just downstairs.
W: You're Zach right? I'm Will Gardner, your mom's boss.
Z: Oh. Hey.
W: So, no school today huh?
Z: No there was.
W: Oh it's four. Helpin' Mom out?
Z: Yeah.
W: Well, keep on keepin' on.

Z: Got it working.
A: You did not.
Z: I did. The IT guy put on proprietary software so he could charge your firm for every megabyte you store. That's why it rejected the transfer of your files.
A: What? I don't understand?
Z: It's really corrupt. You don't need to be paying to store files. In fact it slows the system down.
A: Really?
Z: Yeah. Oh, your boss was in here. Will.
A: Yes, I, I saw. Did you say hi?
Z: I did. All right. I better go.
A: Okay. I love you.
Z: I love you too.
A: Yeah?
Z: I want a car.

W: How is she?
A: Not what I expected.
W: Is that good?
A: It is.
W: So, I met your son earlier.
A: I know, he said.
W: I was lame. I was babbling.
A: He didn't say that.
W: I was. So do yo want me to meet them?
A: What? No.
W: I mean, formally.
A: I know. No.
W: You sure? Because I could probably make a good impression.
A: That's okay. Thanks. I mean really, thanks Will. But it's not necessary.
W: Okay. Good. Good. Good.

C: Mr. Gardner? Excuse me. I'm really sorry about earlier.
W: For?
C: Nothing. I'm just figuring things out here.
W: Good. But why are you sorry?
C: I just didn't mean to come to you first. Alicia said if I had any questions to come to her and not to bother the partners.
W: Oh you're not bothering us. Don't worry about it.
C: Are you sure?
W: I'm positive.
C: Okay. Thank you. Everybody's so nice here.
W: Yeah. Lawyers. The nicest people in the world.
3x07 Executive Order 13224
Diane: You're on your way back?
Will: In about thirty minutes. Why?
D: Kalinda thinks we might have a possibility on this torture case.
W: Really, I thought everything was top top secret.
Kalinda: Well there might be a way to find evidence of Danny at the camp through autopsy reports.
D: But it will mean taking the case to the next level, confrontationally.
W: And you're wondering if I'm alright with poking the bear even harder?
D: Yes. So to speak.
W: This is not some corrupt oil company we can pressure to settle Diane. This is the government. They can make life hard for us.
(ringtone in background- Mom pick up the phone! Mom pick up the phone!)
D: I- where are you Will?
W: Lunch.
Alicia: (on the phone) Grace, hi, what's up?
D: Okay, I'll see you back here in half an hour?
W: Right, yeah. I'll be there in about a half hour.
D: Bye. (to assistant) Lisa, could you get Alicia for me?
Lisa: Sure. She's at lunch. Her assistant said she'll be back in a half hour.
A: (on the phone) Sorry what?
Grace: Um, I want to go to bible study?
A: You want to go to a bible study?
G: Yes, can I go?
A: Um, let me think about it okay, I'm at a lunch. I'll call you afterward.
G: It's kind of late for lunch.
A: Yes, it is, thank you. I'll call you back.

W: And what did he say then?
A: He said he advised against me getting a lawyer.
W: of course he did.
D: You did the right thing. Danny talked about meeting with this tribal leader expecting attorney client privilege. But if you tell the monitor he'll be arrested.
A: The penalty for not answering is a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine and eight years in prison.
D: Did he say anything about the firm?
A: The firm?
W: Did the monitor ask about what we said to you?
A: No.
D: They could still come after us, the whole firm.
W: Okay. We've talked to Nick Cattella about representing you. And Nick is good and he knows this area inside and out.
D: And we'll cover the cost.
A: Okay. I'll think about it.
D: Think about what?
A: Representation.
D: Well, you need a lawyer Alicia.
A: I know. Just want to explore my options.
W: Nick is good Alicia. He's handled these things before.
A: Okay, thanks.

Peter: (to staff when he sees Will) Go ahead.
W: You're coming after me. Mr. Clean now, you're coming after me.
P: If you're referring to our task force, it's not about coming after you. And if my ASAs gave you that impression I apologize.
W: You sent them to my office trying to turn me with this whole BS. Are you insane?
P: I think you should calm down.
W: And I think you should go to hell. You're not above it Peter. I don't care what conversion you had in prison. You're in the mud just like the rest of us.
P: I'm not the one who's...
W: Go ahead. You're not the what? What? You're not the what?
P: I have not gone there. Anything I've ever said to you or done to you, I haven't gone there.
W: Gone where? Go ahead, say it.
P: No.
W: That's what this is about, huh? Alicia. That's why you tried to audit us, that's why you're going for RICO. Come on man. You're pitiful. Get a pair of balls and throw a punch.
P: I don't give a rat's ass what you think it's about. You steal forty five thousand dollars, you go to jail.
W: There's two of us here. Only one of us has seen the inside of a cell.
P: Have a good day counselor.
W: You come after me Peter that's not where this ends. You know it.

Sexual Harassment Video: I blew it Doug!
SHV: No Jane, you did the best you could. Don't worry. Here.
SHV: Sexuality. It's a significant part of our culture, depicted in movies, magazines and TV. But in the work place sexuality can easily become sexual harassment.
SHV: It's not fair. Megan only got that promotion because she's sleeping with our boss.
SHV: When an authority figure becomes involved with a subordinate, is that sexual harassment? Work place dynamics...
W: How're you doing?
A: Well I'm not going to jail.
W: That's good.
A: What about you? You haven't been around much.
W: I've had a weird few days.
A: With what?
W: Nothing. It's stupid. Something I thought was over.
A: What?
W: Nothing.
SHV: But unwelcome sexual conduct can also be verbal.
SHV: Good morning gorgeous.
SHV: Even an intended compliment can create an uncomfortable work environment.
3x08 Death Row Trip
Will: Alicia! Do you have a moment?
Alicia: Sure.
W: Sorry to make that sound so boss-like.
A: No, it's been hard to get away.
W: It has. Diane has been eyeing us like we're a lawsuit waiting to happen.
A: It's getting a it complicated, isn't it?
W: It is.
A: Do we need to pause?
W: Do you want a pause?
A: I'm afraid even if we say we will, we won't.
W: That sounds right. This is not why I called you in here.
A: I know.
(Eli knocks on the window)
W: It's like Grand Central Station isn't it? Go ahead. We'll talk later. What does Peter know?
A: About us? Uh I don't think anything but that's never mattered to him. Why?
W: No reason.
A: Did he talk to you?
W: No.
3x10 Parenting Made Easy
Diane: Your cellphone is ringing Will. It's Alicia. Want me to give you some privacy?
Will: (he answers the phone) Hello? I missed it. You know one thing I've always liked about you Diane? You never played games.
D: You think I'm playing a game?
W: I think you need to stop mothering. I can take care of my life.
D: It's not your life when it impacts me. Your relationship with Alicia impacts me. (Will picks up their partnership renewal agreement then leaves)

Kalinda: The State's Attorney's office is no longer targeting drugs it's targeting you.
W: I know. I heard Peter put Wendy Scott-Carr in charge of the investigation.
K: Cary and Dana Lodge are still involved but they answer to her.
W: But Peter's still in charge right?
K: I don't know.
W: I need to know if, I need to know how personal this is. If I made changes here would the investigation go away?
K: If you stopped being close with Alicia would that change things?
W: I don't want that question asked.
K: I'll find out.
W: Good. Anything we should worry about with this white surpremesist killing witnesses?
K: Donny Pike? No, we're fine.
W: No chance of retribution?
K: It's unlikely.
W: Good, thanks.
Grace: 'If anyone lies with a man as with a woman, both have committed an abomination, let them be put to death.'
Alicia: So what's that?
G: Leviticus, chapter 20. What's this for, a case?
A: Yeah, wrongful termination. Do you believe all this Grace?
G: I don't know. Some of the Bible I get and some I don't.
A: Well what about your uncle Owen? He's gay.
G: I know. That's the part I don't get.
A: I guess I thought, with your dancing and everything, you'd moved on.
G: No. I can do both.
A: I'm sorry I missed your call yesterday.
G: It's okay. But Zach's a pretty good driver. You don't have to worry.
A: I'm not. Or I am, but not about that.
G: What then?
A: Oh I don't know. Something. I just have to shake it off
G: Is it about Will? Zach said he met him in the office.
A: No, it's not about Will. I'm...Grace I'm sorry it's been such a hard year. Are you good?
G: Yeah I just want to make sure that you are.
A: I am. I am. There are just too many distractions right now, that's all.
G: Get rid of them.
A: Okay. I will.

W: Commitment. What do you think of commitment?
K: I think it's, that's something people do.
W: I saw Alicia with her daughter and I thought, maybe I can do that. You don't think I can.
K: No, I think you can do what you want. What do you want?
W: Something more than work.
K: Kids.
W: I don't know. I've spent my whole life getting ahead. Sometimes I can't figure out why.
K: Do you know what Alicia wants?
W: No. But I'll ask. If you don't know something, ask, right?

A: Hi Will.
W: Hey. It seems like I haven't seen you in a while.
A: I know.
W: I heard everything's good with your daughter.
A: Yes, thank you. Will.
W: Yes?
A: I can't. It's too much. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm gonna miss you.

D: You did the right thing. She'll get over it.
W: Yep. She will.
3x11 What Went Wrong
Will: I don't want things to be awkward.
Alicia: I so don't want things to be awkward.
W: Good. Then they won't be.
A: So that's it then isn't it?
W: What?
A: We just decide it and it's so?
W: Yep. We're adults.
Diane: Alicia!
W: Looks like you're needed.
A: Then I'll get back to work. Thank you.
W: You have no reason to thank me Alicia. No reason at all.

Owen: Hey sis! You're lonely. That's the problem.
A: I'm lonely. I know, I'm lonely.
O: So, go call him.
A: Who?
O: Will.
A: Owen, you're not listening to me. I have kids.
O: You don't have kids. They're with Peter. What? Do you suddenly become a non-sexual person just because you have kids?
A: No. I am a parent. And I have to stop being irresponsible.
O: How are you being irresponsible?
A: I'm married.
O: Then get divorced. You're not Catholic. Nobody's gonna send you to hell. Are you in love with Will?
A: No I don't think I am.
O: Seriously?
A: Seriously. I think I was in love with it. You know the attention, the...
O: Raw animalistic sex?
A: Yeah. But I didn't like the lying. And I don't like, I mean, he's my boss.
O: Then quit. I don't mean quit working. I mean quit that job, get another one.
A: It's too complicated. I don't like complications. I need friends.
O: Then get friends. You, you had good friends.
A: Yeah, I did, didn't I? Where are they all?
O: Probably on Facebook. What about, try that tennis woman. What was her name? It was like a governmental agency. Fema?
A: Senna.
O: She was nice, wasn't she?
A: (Alicia's phone rings) Uh-oh. Oh this can't be good. Hello? Now?
3x12 Alienation of Affection
Bride: So are you dating anyone?
Will: Off and on.
B: You are the definition of off and on Will. You got to get serious sometime.
W: Who says?
B: The Pope, I think. Well your time's up. And someone's waiting to cut in.

Alicia: Hi!
W: Hey. Doesn't add up does it?
A: Not often. Is everything alright?
W: Yeah, I was at a wedding.
A: No, I mean the Wendy Scott-Carr thing.
W: Yeah. Don't worry. Something I'm handling you know?

A: Hi.
W: Hi. When you had your troubles with the Treasury, the Treasury monitor?
A: Yes?
W: The lawyer you used, she was good?
A: Yeah, she was great.
W: What was her name?
A: Elsbeth Tascioni. Are you looking for a lawyer?
W: I might be.
A: Too bad there are none here. What's going on Will? (he hesitates) You don't have to tell me.
W: It's not anything. I just don't want to make life more complicated. She's discreet, this woman?
A: Yes. Um, she's also different. I'm not sure how well you'll get along.
W: Well is it worth a meeting?
A: It is. (handing him her card) Umm, don't judge by first impressions?
W: Promise.
3x14 Another Ham Sandwich
Will: I'm sorry.
Alicia: No. Why? I am.
W: I didn't tell you because I didn't want this to become...
A: You do not need to explain.
W: This is legal. It's not personal. If I told you it would become personal.
A: Will I'm a lawyer. I'm a third year associate in your firm. So use me. (Elsbeth walks up) Miss. Tascioni, hello.
Elsbeth: Hello again. We seem to meet under a lot of circumstances like these.
A: We do. I want to help.
E: Okay. With what?
A: With what I know about the State's Attorney.

E: We were just going over strategy. Mrs. Florrick! You can join us.
W: Yes. (gestures her over)
E: Okay, so, here's the thing. Grand juries indict, that's what they do, okay, hamburgers and all.
W: Ham sandwiches.
E: Yes. So, you're gonna get indicted. Unless- I like that pin.
Diane: Thank you.
E: Unless someone pulls the plug. Someone higher.
W: State's Attorney.
E: Yes. You have an audience of one in there Ms. Lockhart.
D: Who?
E: Cary Agos. He defers to the State's Attorney. Wendy Scott-Carr does not. She' that's right. She's her own person. So you need to keep bringing the testimony back to Peter Florrick.
A: That'll get Cary talking to Peter.
E: That's right. If you want to stop this at the Grand Jury stage, you need to get the State's Attorney to stop it. And he'll only stop it if it looks like it will hurt him. You see?
W: Yes good.

W: (his phone rings) Yeah?
A: I just wanted to see how you're doing.
W: I'm good. Up next. Probably another thirty minutes.
A: Are you...
W: I'm fine.
A: No, are you taking the fifth?
W: Umm, Elsbeth thinks I should.
A: It's the smart move. Will, I'm sorry.
W: Don't be.
A: I am.
W: Well then be sorry because this is happening. Don't be sorry because of anything else.
A: Okay. Do good.
W: Always.
3x15 Live from Damascus
Will: Hi!
Alicia: Hi! I'm so glad, Will, really.
W: I am too. Thank you. So anyway, they're gonna be here in a few minutes for negotiations. Can you greet them?
A: Sure. Viola Walsh?
W: Yeah, why?
A: Last time she was here, she asked me to join her firm.
W: Maybe you could use that.

A: Do you want me to take the first witness?
W: No, I'm good.

W: Patric Edelstein wants an update, the conference room. What?
A: So we are doing this for Edelstein?
W: Conference room.

A: Are we gonna be alright here?
W: I don't know. He may leave. That's the breaks.

A: You wanted to discuss the Neil Gross questioning?
W: Yeah. No.
A: You want me to...?
W: No. Stay. Close the door a second. (they sit) I didn't tell you about the Grand Jury investigation before and that was a mistake.
A: And you're safe.
W: Yes. I mean it's moved to a possible disbarment and I've been given a choice.
A: Wait, what?
W: The disciplinary board is looking into disbarring me.
A: Oh my God. Will...
W: It's okay. It's just, I'm used to it now. Funny. Anyway I've been given a choice- fight disbarment or take a six month suspension.
A: You can't. You don't deserve to be disbarred.
W: I do deserve to be disbarred. I took money from a client's account.
A: Fifteen years ago.
W: But I did it. And you know what, the only reason I'm being offered leniency is because of because of our pro bono program, something I fought tooth and nail.
A: You didn't.
W: I did. I'm taking the six month suspension. I did wrong. I should face the
consequences. There it is. I've just decided. Thank you.
A: You're giving up the law for six months?
W: Yeah. Weird, huh?
A: I can't imagine it.
W: You did for over a decade.
A: Yes.
W: Okay. I better tell someone.

A: Burning the midnight oil even on your last day.
W: I thought I could squeeze out one last billable hour.
A: Any idea what you're gonna do?
W: Maybe write a rock opera. There hasn't been a decent one since The Wall.
A: I'm sure it'll be great.
W: I don't think Pink Floyd has anything to worry about.
A: Will if there's anything you need...
W: I'm good. But thanks. Follow Diane's lead Alicia. You'll do fine.
3x16 After the Fall
Will: Hello.
Alicia: Hey, it's me. I'm just checking in.
W: Hi. How's it going?
A: Good. Our client did well on the stand. Thanks for the advice.
W: No problem.
Aubrey: Who's that? You've got your sweet voice on.
W: Ssh. I do not.
Aubrey: Yes you do.
A: I, uh, Will I just wanted to ask, um, I think they're putting the editor on next. You think it's an easy objection?
W: Tyler v. Hasserback. It's a cinch.
A: Okay.

Kalinda: Well you are missed at work.
Will: Doubt that. David Lee's probably calculating my square footage right now. Okay, the disciplinary board says I can consult on any case strategy developed before my suspension. So tell Alicia I made notes on this petition but I can't on this one.
K: You're sure? That's the one she needs.
W: Those are the rules. How's she doing?
K: Oh, worried. Overwhelmed.
W: Tell her Judge Serena likes women more than men anyway. And watch out with the client. He'll talk too much and get pretentious on the stand.

K: He could only make notes on the past strategy.
Alicia: Got it. How is he?
K: Good, strangely good. He was wondering how you're doing.

W: Everything good with Alicia's case?
K: Yeah. You uh, you gave her my case too. (he nods) Will, if this is your way of trying to make things better between us...
W: No. It's my way of trying to save your ass.
3x17 Long Way Home
Caitlin: Yes, I am going to court today.
Will: Actually you're going to court today, aren't you Alicia?
Alicia: Yes, Caitlin and I.

A: (in Will's ear) Thank you.

A: Say a client perjured himself.
W: Just any client?
A: Yes.
W: Because if this were a specific client I could not legally answer.
A: Any client. And you discover after putting him on the stand, he perjured himself.
W: Without knowing it you suborned perjury. Then you can't question him further, pursuant to the Code of Professional Responsibility. Not without knowingly suborning more perjury.
A: Right. But now the opposing attorney intends to put another witness on the stand to contradict him.
W: With the truth.
A: Or another lie. I don't know. Can I use this perjured testimony, now in the record, to question this opposing witness?
W: You must represent the interests of your client. Now you were not aware of the perjury when it happened. To not use that perjured testimony would be to poorly represent your client so yes. You can use it.
A: As if it were the truth?
W: No as if it's in the record as the testimony of your client.
A: That's what I thought. The law is an odd thing.
W: It is indeed. Of course you're getting legal advice from a suspended lawyer. The only problem if the opposing attorney wants to put your client back on the stand your hands are tied.
A: I can't elicit further testimony that I know is perjured.
W: Yes. That'll make it one hard redirect.

From the press:

The tragedy, if there is one at the core of this, is, passion-wise, Will and Alicia are made for each other. How do they get over the hurdle of what Alicia's personality tells her to do and her sense of responsibility toward her children?"
As for Alicia's affection for Will? It really is about the plan more than the poetry, as she told him in the season finale. King says, "When you have true passion and true love, how do you fit that into the choices you've already made?"
Source: TV Guide
Q: If you had to choose between Will and Peter, who would you choose?
JM: You know, I don’t know. Honestly, that’s a great question but it’s hard because you have to really look at it. Peter is the father of her children and when you see him with them, you can understand why she would choose him. On the other hand, Will is unbelievably dashing and handsome and in love with her as she is with him I think. So what do you sacrifice? I don’t know.