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Their story

What we know:
Alicia Florrick: The wife of a disgraced state's attorney; Alicia returns to work as a junior litigator at a prestigious law firm. Having spent so many years as "the good wife", Alicia finds herself at the bottom of the work ladder, trying to juggle both home and professional life with the ongoing scandal surrounding her husband, Peter, with whom she has two children, Zach and Grace.

Will Gardner: An old friend of Alicia's from law school who is a partner at the law firm; a very pragmatic man. He has become attracted to Alicia and seems to want more than her friendship as the season progresses.

Storyline: In season one, episode "Heart", Will and Alicia share a passionate kiss before she runs away, realizing what she has done. Later she comes back to his office, but he is already gone. When they discuss the kiss later in the episode, Alicia reveals that they had a (possibly romantic) relationship at Georgetown, and when Alicia asks him not to hate her for being unable to continue with their relationship, Will says, "It's fine. We have bad timing. We've always had... bad timing." In the opening episode of the second season, "Taking Control", Will leaves two voice mails on Alicia's cell phone saying first that he wants to drop it and then changing his mind saying "I love you" in a second message, which Alicia never hears because Eli Gold (her husband's campaign manager) erases it. In episode "On Tap" Alicia finds out that there was a second message and tries with no success to confront Will about it. Later in episode "Net Worth" she finally finds the courage to confront Will, who however lies about the content. Things seem to be quite done between them until the last three episodes of the second season, when Alicia separates from Peter, who accuses her of sleeping with Will (episode 2x21 "In Sickness"). After finding out about it from Kalinda (episode 2x22 "Getting Off") Will seems initially reluctant to make a try, mentioning they have a lot of issues. But thank God!!!! He definitely reconsiders things in the finale episode (2x23 "Closing Arguments"). After two shots of tequila and a heart-to-heart talk about their usual bad timing, they decide to make their own good timing, and get a $7.800 a night worth Presidential Suit in the best six minutes of the whole season.
Season 3 starts with the explosive revelation that their relationship is in full swing in the most steamy season opening in history of television. (I'm still thanking the censure for having been on holiday when the episode aired.).

What we want to know:
What the hell happened in Georgetown?
I wonder if and when we will finally know it.
It has been mentioned in several occasions by both Alicia and Will but sofar we can only imagine :(
First occasion, Will mentioning to Cary that it "must be a Georgetown thing".
Then in "Heart" (Season 1, Episode 17), when Will goes to Alicia's office after the kiss, it's Alicia to bring it up. "We had... we had... whatever we had at Georgetown..."
And there it comes, one of the most beautiful moments for me, Will leaving the voice mail in which he declares his love for Alicia: "I probably loved you ever since Georgetown." And my shipper heart officially melted.
Last but not the least, being asked about their relationship, Will's new girlfriend says that Will broke her sister's heart by coming back from college in love with someone else. To this sentence, Will turns to face Alicia.

Now, we need to know, we want to know!! Is it possible to have some Georgetown flashbacks? No? Well... Georgetown fanfictions? Anyone?


  1. Is it only about the past?
    Still waiting for Season 2 I want them to have a chance together. But there is something in the way...

  2. Passion can and has often been an over-riding and beautiful factor!

  3. So my dear shippers, what do you think it's going to happen in season 3? I can't wait!!!

  4. Please, please... let Alicia be with Will. Hope it is not just one hour thing. They make a good couple. Makes me want to watch them more.....

  5. I'm so glad for Will/Alicia ! They are a couple now ! I hope that this Caithlin won't screw it up !

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  7. I love them! I'm writing a fic for them and I need to know, When did they attend Georgetown? Anyone know? Any guesses? That would really help, thanks!

  8. should be easy to reconstruct, after georgetown alicia worked for 2 years befor stopping to be a mom. in season 2 her son is 16. so 2 + 1 (pregnancy) + 16 = 19 years ago?

  9. Soy beatriz solo quiero decir que soy de uruguay y aca no pasan esta serie pero la veo en linea y AMO A ALICIA Y WILL juntos, me encanta ese amo y esa pareja, MUY BUENA SERIE Y OBVIAMENTE LA PAREJA :$ AJAJ BESO

  10. I'm Beatriz, I just want to say I'm from Uruguay and not pass this series here but I see online and I love Alicia and Will together, and I love that I love this couple, very good series and obviously the couple: $ AJAJ KISS

  11. Love Alicia with Will. We have now seen her with both her men and I have to say her sex sceens with her husband seems to be lacking in chemistry. Will on the other hand ****SIZZLE*****.


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