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Monday, May 16, 2011

Spoilers - Press - Episode 2x23 - TVSquad

An interview with Josh Charles with some spoilers for the finale.

Friendships and relationships have come and gone on 'The Good Wife,' but one thing has remained the same over the last two seasons: Will and Alicia's unresolved feelings.

Their sexual tension is felt by millions on a weekly basis -- and it could all come to a head in the Season 2 finale (Tues., May 17, 10PM ET on CBS), series star Josh Charles told AOL TV.

In the episode, Lockhart/Gardner represents a man on trial for murdering a judge. The case is Glenn Childs' (Titus Welliver) final case as State's Attorney, and he's going out with a bang.

But that's not all that goes down -- Charles, who plays attorney Will Gardner (and one half of the star-crossed lovers opposite Julianna Margulies), says there will be some big changes. Warning! Minor spoilers ahead.

Fans should be on the lookout for a confrontation between Peter and Will. After a key piece of evidence lands on Alicia's desk, the firm races to put the remaining pieces together while the jury is out for deliberation. They soon realize Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) can help them and look to Alicia to make the connection, not knowing the two have separated.

"We need Peter's help with the case because we think the case doesn't really have as much merit, but it's more Childs sort of making a play on his way out," Charles said. "Everyone looks to Alicia, not knowing what's going on in her personal life, and says 'Could you do it?' Will sort of steps in and says he'll go and talk to Peter."

Charles said the scene was interesting to play because the audience knows Peter thinks Will and Alicia have slept together. "What I liked about it, is it's filled with subtext and everybody is kind of off-angle. You're not quite sure what people know or don't know, or what they're perceiving."

Peter Florrick isn't the only one stepping into a new role. Changes are ahead for his estranged wife, Alicia.

"Alicia gets offered a bigger role in the company." Charles said. "Sort of a liaison with Eli [Alan Cumming] who is going to be bringing in his consulting business."

But when pressed for info about what's ahead for Will and Alicia, personally, Charles kept details close to his chest, only confirming the two "discuss stuff" in the finale.

"I can't really say a lot about it because I think it's part of the joy seeing how it all ties together," he said. "I will say this: I think it will get people talking. I think it sets us up really nicely for next year and getting into some ideas of where we want to go next year."

However, Charles wasn't shy about his excitement for the new season. Yes, although it's not yet official, it's safe to say CBS will bring 'The Good Wife' back for a third season. During Season 2, viewers were teased about Will's prior work relationship with Blake (Scott Porter). Blake said he had a role in some sort of theft with Will, but other than that, we were left hanging.

"There were some things with Will at the end of the season that were maybe going to resolve themselves more in regards to his back story with Blake and how they know each other," Charles said.

The plan was to resolve that story during Season 2, but as Charles explained, the storylines are often fluid and the current plan is to wrap it up via an arc at the start of Season 3.

"It's a really exciting thing to explore," he said. "I think it will tell us a lot more about Will's character, about his back story ... and I can't really say anything more specific than that. Frankly, not to be coy, I know we're heading in that direction, but I don't know how it will work itself out. I know that the intention is it will carry forward for a while. It'll be nice long arc. I think that will be really interesting. I'm excited about it."

When asked if viewers would get more insight into Will's past with his partner, Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski), Charles said they know the basics of how the two came together.

"We've talked about it with [series co-creator] Robert King," he said. "The intention was [Diane and Will] were in two different firms and they sort of merged, kind of like an Endeavor/William Morris type of situation. That's how we got together. Whether that sort of gets explicitly spoken about, I don't know."

While next season may focus more on Will's history, Charles said he's looking forward to seeing how the dynamic changes between Will, Alicia and Kalinda. Because of the Kalinda/Alicia friendship implosion, Charles said things will change between Will and the two ladies.

After Alicia confronted Kalinda about sleeping with Peter, it looks like their friendship is beyond repair. Charles said that without Kalinda in her corner, Alicia and Will really rely on each other as friends for the first time.

"[There's] this sort of triangle being in between the two of them," he said. "Someone who is Will's employee and who Will desperately needs, who's really good at her job -- Kalinda -- and Alicia, who is also really good at her job, is a fantastic lawyer at the firm and is also someone Will cares about deeply. I think that tension is going to be interesting to explore because I think both of those characters are very important to Will for different reasons."

Charles made it clear that he's thought a lot about the future of his character and is anxiously awaiting the chance to explore the history the writers have developed. But, there's one thing he didn't think of: Who did Will vote for in Chicago's State's Attorney election?

"Hey man, voting is private," Charles said with a laugh. "That's a really good question, man."

After a pause, Charles came to a conclusion: "Peter. That's my instinctual guess. I think that's a fantastic question and I'm actually mad that I haven't asked myself that question as an actor. If I think about it, I think he would've voted for Peter. I think it's complicated and we're gearing up to have a lot more complications in the third season. I'm fascinated to see how our maestros weave it."
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