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Monday, May 23, 2011

Spoilers - Matt's Inside Line

Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on The Good Wife.
Not really spoilerish, just an insight from Julianna.
Just how bad is good wife Alicia going to be? Will her season-ending romp with Will be a onetime thing, or are these two en route to an all-out affair? Julianna Margulies has yet to get wind of what series creators Robert and Michelle King have set for Season 3, but tells me the long-awaited hook-up, as rapturous as it may be, probably “is going to cause a lot of sadness and friction and unrest, because of the Peter situation.” That is, with Peter now locking his crosshairs on not just the governor’s office but on his romantic rival, Alicia must carefully navigate the waters before her. “I have a feeling that Peter is going to go after Will, and Alicia is always first and foremost concerned with other people, ” Margulies ventures. “So, I think she’ll probably do what’s best for Will, and not what’s best for her.” Hey, as long as they get their $7,800 worth out of the hotel room first.
Source: TVLine

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