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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reviews - Press - Character grades "The Good Wife. Closing Arguments."

"The Good Wife. Closing Arguments."


Season 2: Episode 23: “Closing Arguments”

Alicia Florrick
Alicia’s workplace is fraught with tension. With her shapely eyebrows and glossy hair, this woman is a magnet for drama. It literally falls into her lap, as was the case with the bloody glove that tumbled out of an envelope and onto her desk. A judge has been murdered and the rough and tumble team at Lockhart Gardner are on the job – defending the man who has been falsely accused.

The situation thrusts her together with Kalinda, even though the two of them are, shall we say, on the outs. Or however you want to put it when your friend sleeps with your husband and then lies about it. But Alicia operates gracefully under pressure and never once cracks. The only time you really get a peek at her internal struggle is when she realizes she’s late for dinner with her bro and the kids.

But seriously, let’s just get right to the good stuff and talk about that make-out sesh in the elevator with Will. How long have we awaited this moment?! It’s like we’ve gone through 22 episodes of foreplay and finally, the time is right. It was a sight for sore eyes to see Will and Alicia sitting at a bar tossing back shots of tequila and laughing heartily. [Side note: how did they even get there? Did they take a cab together? Did no one else think that was strange? Also, why are they sitting out in the open in what appears to be the lobby of a hotel]

Alicia aces the episode with her smooth maneuvering of the hotel key card after Will’s many fumbled attempts. I have a feeling that will be the last of any fumbling on Will’s part. A

Will Gardner
Back in the foreplay department, we see Will interact with Alicia in the first of two steamy elevator rides in this episode. “Ride down with me,” he says as they approach the elevator. Am I the only one who imbued that request with all sorts of innuendo? Just me? Okay… Anyway, it feels like Will has been placed in a pressure cooker throughout the entire episode – things just keep building, both with the case and with Alicia.

Even during Will’s interaction with Peter the pressure is palpable. You know those commercials where they advertise knives so sharp they can slice tin cans in half? Well, the can in this scenario is the tension in the room between Will and Peter. Granted, Will is simply asking questions about their case, but the minute Alicia’s name comes up, all bets are off.

Will definitely earns some points for his adorableness displayed at the bar over shots of tequila with Alicia. He’s like that cute guy in high school who doesn’t know how cute he is and it makes him even cuter. Dare me to say cute again.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, doesn’t Will play basketball? Why then, is he completely out of breath after darting back into the courtroom to find out if his client’s blood could be on the infamous glove? Come on Will, you don’t get to be Chicago’s 16th Most Eligible Bachelor without breaking a sweat. A-

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