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Monday, August 22, 2011

Interviews - Press - 'The Good Wife's' Best Actress

The Daily Beast: Season 2 ended with Alicia walking into the hotel room with Will, even though the universe tries to stop them. What’s behind her decision, and why does she make that leap?

Margulies: She wanted to show him that she knew how to use the key. (Laughs.) The second she realizes that all is for naught in her marriage, I think she wants to act on feelings she’s had for a very long time. [In] the scene before that, they were having shots of tequila... I think it gave her the strength to do something she wanted to do for a long time. If they hadn’t been sitting down at that bar, I doubt that she would have been able to pull it off, but I think your true feelings come out when you’re a little tipsy and I think she wanted to experience some loving. It had been two years. She needed a little something. I was really glad she got a little something.


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