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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Spoilers - Tumblr - Julianna and Josh filming

Julianna and Josh have been spotted filming together.
Spoiler alert

so today i fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine to go stalk the filming of the good wife. my friend (who was nice enough to accompany me even though she doesn’t watch, like, any tv) and i pretty much circled 46th and vanderbilt for about two hours. we circled so much that the guy who was blocking ppl from physically walking down 46th recognized us (#awkward). Discouraged, we went to go get Red Mango. BUT AHA! since they were filming in front of one of the entrances of the roosevelt hotel, we decided to enter from the other side and see if we could make it back to the entrance they were filming in front of and watch from there. AND IT WORKED. We were THIS CLOSE to julianna margulies and josh charles filming a scene in front of a car. (#OMGOSH!!!) After watching awhile we felt a wee bit awkz just standing there in front of the entrance so we left and HA! we made eye contact with the guy who was blocking the street. he looked pissed! MWAHARHAR WE SHOWED HIM.


  1. What happened to the picture?

  2. It should be the next day... but then, where did they get their news clothes. Or maybe they meet regularly at the Rossevelt Hotel?


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