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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Graham Phillips Interview with

Posting under spoiler tag because there's a pretty spoilerish part regarding our couple.
Spoiler here
Ever since last May’s steamy elevator ride between Alicia and Will [Josh Charles], your TV mom has been incredibly secretive about her personal life. When do you think she’s going to start filling Zach and Grace in on what’s going on?
I think later in the season she’s going to start addressing a lot of the issues she’s been putting off. Throughout the season thus far she really hasn’t been as upfront with us as she used to be and I think that’s because she’s no longer the perfect role model, the title of the show. She’s the rebellious ex-wife and I think because of that she’s kind of afraid of these family meetings because for the first time she’s arguably in the wrong in her kids eyes. I think the first scene with Will [Josh Charles] was really funny because it’s just so awkward on his part, he’s trying to bond, be on the cool side with me and it just crashes and burns and it really sets up this great dynamic later in the season if he continues to come to the house and if they start seeing each other more, which I think he’s going to happen.

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