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Monday, October 31, 2011

Josh Charles interview - The TV Chick

Posting under spoilertag because it's mildly spoilerish.

Quote here
Switching gears a little bit. Fans are pleased with what’s going on this season between Will and Alicia (laughs).
(laughs) They are?

I think so!
That’s good.

So it seems from a couple episodes ago that maybe Alicia has always been Will’s endgame?
I don’t know. I hate talking in those sort of absolute terms like that, because I don’t — I just think they’re two characters who really love one another. And what that means necessarily as far as endgame or not endgame, I really don’t know. I don’t necessarily see them as that, but I see them as being really bonded with one another and deep, deep friends. And certainly now their intimacy level has risen, and we’re going to see where that journey takes us this year. But I just have a lot of faith in the Kings and how they’re writing, that it will feel truthful, and connect with the rest of the show.

Are there going to be any bumps in the road for Will and Alicia?
Sure. I think that’s safe to say without giving away any spoilers — major ones.


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