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Monday, December 5, 2011

Media - 3x10 - "Parenting Made Easy"

Added the clip of the most painful two minutes of our ship. :(


  1. It was a so well done and sad hug....I'm gonna miss them too....I hope that they'll back together very soon....:(

  2. I know :( I can't watch it without crying. It was so heartbreaking. These two love each other so much that it can't be the end. No way. The writers have been showing their feelings since the beginning of the show. It must mean something :/

  3. Si, sicuramente nella prossima puntata ci sarà un pò di imbarazzo tra i due, la trama dice che Alicia incomincerà ad avere le conseguenze delle sue scelte personali.
    Cmq non è finita. Non preoccupatevi.

  4. So sad... they have to get back together soon, they just have to!

  5. I hope they get back together! If it is long term then it does make sense to break them up at the moment for them to reunite later in the show.


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