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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spoilers - TV Line - Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Once Upon a Time, Bones, Gossip Girl, Criminal Minds and More!

Question: Is there any hope for us Alicia and Will shippers? Or any scoop on The Good Wife? - Flor
Ausiello: There’s always hope. But I wouldn’t count on a reunion in the coming months as the exes make the awkward transition from colleagues and friends with benefits to just colleagues and friends. “What we wanted to explore is after you have such an intimate sexual relationship, how difficult is it to become friends again?” shares exec producer Robert King. “I think the problem is the sex was so good between them it’s hard to ignore. We’re going to explore how difficult it is to deal with the absence of sex in the relationship.”


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  1. to the writers
    Exploring the absence of sex along with the absence of A/W having meaningful dialogs re their relationship is not just an exploration, it's a killer. If this core relationship interest is deleted now, many supporters will likely switch the channel. I know I will. This exploration will need to be short for my interest to not lag and become lost in lack of reality development. A once compassionate, caring intelligent individual (Alicia) doesn't stop prioritizing, hearing, and responding to her heart while attending to life's needs. Michelle, speak to Robert please with more enlightenment.


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