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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Press - TVLine - "The Good Wife's Josh Charles Talks Will's Time Off ('It Will Test Him') and The End of the Affair"

TVLINE | Speaking of relationships, what concerns if any did you have about that storyline of Will and Alicia’s affair? And what did you think of how it actually played out?
The concerns you have are like with anything you’re invested in. It felt like something that we needed to do, because if you’re being real about how they portrayed the characters, and you take the dynamic out that she’s not actively married anymore, it doesn’t seem realistic that the level of intimacy wouldn’t increase. But at the same time you get into a situation where you ask, Do you do this? Or do you do this? I don’t think either [option] is necessarily right or wrong, but it felt appropriate [to pursue the romance]. One thing I’m not interested in playing — nor were they interested in writing — was this whole back-and-forth, and back-and-forth, playing awkward moments… You can only do that for so long. The reality is they’re two people who care about each other, and there’s a bond and intensity there, but at the same time, just because their level of intimacy increased, it doesn’t make any of the complications or reasons why they shouldn’t be together go away.
TVLINE | As a viewer, I was pleased to see it peter out when it did, rather than be some shiny-happy, “Wow, this was easier than we thought!” kind of thing.
Yeah, and that doesn’t feel like the realm of this show. People project on whatever they want, so I’m not going to tell anybody what to think – they can say, “These two belong together” or not. The reality is there’s a connection between the two, and it’s a very complicated matter of past and present coming together. There are a lot of emotions mixed in there, and for Will that brings a lot of baggage. So how do I feel about it? I feel that how they handled it was great.


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