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Friday, April 27, 2012

Spoilers - Watch with Kristin: Spoiler Chat Daily: Vampire Diaries Love Triangle Scoop! Plus, Once Upon a Time, Good Wife and More

KatieLord: Please can I have some Good Wife scoop? Will and Alicia dish?
We've got dish from Will himself, but you may not like it if you're on Team Willicia. (Does that nickname exist? If not, you're welcome!) Josh Charles tells us, "What we're seeing is a sort of deepening of the relationship as they become more friends. You see it touch on that in this really lovely scene between Will and Alicia toward the end of the finale." So no elevator sex then? No, Josh laughed: "It's a different kind of finale, certainly not as racy as last season!" Wah-wah.




    Sandra! The Good Wife finale is this week. Don’t make me beg… — Sarah
    But… begging is half the fun! Well, since we don’t have much time (because the finale is this weekend!) I’ll let your lack of effort pass this one time, and share with you this piece of intel: Remember the elevator scene in the season 2 finale? I hear the season 3 ender, which is directed by co-creator Robert King (husband of fellow co-creator Michelle King), features yet another memorable scene in TV’s go-to location. “The only tease I’ll say is that I’m constantly amazed at how much love the Kings can have for elevators,” laughs Josh Charles, who plays Will. “I’ll leave it at that.” But I won’t: It’s REALLY good!

  2. Grazie Sara! Peccato che sappiamo già non essere A/W. Sigh :(


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