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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Press - Spoilers - The Good Wife Season 4 Spoiler: More About Alicia and Will

Still thinking about that Alicia-Will elevator scene in the season 3 finale of The Good Wife? Well here is a scoop of what is going to happen on season 4.
Ausiello: I asked Josh Charles about that poignant/heartbreaking scene and he suggested that it hinted at a “deepening” of their relationship next season. “And by that I don’t necessarily mean romantic relationship,” he added, “but just a deepening of their relationship as friends and allies. They had to go through a process, and they may ultimately come out of it closer together and not further apart, and I think that’s what we’re starting to see them head towards as we go into Season 4, which I think is a very cool place. It leaves open a tremendous amount of possibilities, but it also makes them, in many ways, even more intimate.”


  1. God I hope so!!! A/W are REAL!!

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