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Friday, October 5, 2012

Spoilers - TV Line - Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on The Mentalist, Once, Good Wife, Revolution, True Blood and More!

The Good Wife: As well-cast and audacious as this Sunday’s Good Wife is (Maura Tierney guest-stars and yes, it’s also that episode), next week’s hour is perhaps the most all-around entertaining thus far. For one, the Case of the Week is plenty engaging (in an Engadget kind of way) and features The Sopranos‘ Dominic Chianese as who may become your most favorite judge ever. On the sexier side of things, Jill Flint is back as Lana and boy, does she make an entrance — let’s just say she’s actually in the scene before you realize it. You also get Alicia and Will needing to talk about the “thing” they once had, and a kinda-surprising kiss at the end of the episode. Do not miss.
I don't get my hopes up that the kiss spoiler is A/W related, but who knows? Source: TVLine

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  1. kinda-surprising kiss caspita, questo non me lo aspettavo


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