The site is no longer being updated. Life took over and sadly I can't keep up with everything. I'll do my best to keep the media center updated though, at least with screencaps!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Gallery - Season 4 - Episode caps

I'm late beyond believing! Gallery has been updated with screencaps from episodes from 4x04 to 4x10.

This is probably my last update, since I have stopped watching the show. Unless things change in the storyline, there is not really much left for our ship.


  1. potrebbe succedere qualcosa

    1. Grazie per il link tesoro! Non ho più molta fiducia negli autori, se tutto va bene useranno questo scontro per spingere Alicia ancora di più verso Peter, ma chissà, io ci conto, sarebbe ora!


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