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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gallery - 5x04 "Outside the bubble" Episode caps and clips

Gallery updated with clips and screencaps!


  1. Fonte tvline

    Question: The preview for Sunday’s tense episode of The Good Wife has me filled with sadness. Do you have any inside scoop on Alicia and Will? Will they ever get a real shot at being together? Or should I just give up all hope now? —Sophie
    Ausiello: No one ‘ships those two crazy kids harder than I do. But having already seen this Sunday’s phenomenal episode — easily the show’s best — I’m extremely comfortable making the following declaration: They’re more compelling and far sexier as enemies than lovers. There, I said it. Someone had to.

  2. And wouldn't hate sex be wonderful? There, I said it. Someone had ro.

  3. Off cause they should be together!!! He's far more sexier than her bauring husband!! If I was Alicia, I would have them rewrite the sricpt till they give me back Will!! LOL

  4. make up sex is always hot! I'm happy for CBS, but wouldn't it be nice on other networks. :)


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