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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Press reviews - 3x01 "A New Day" - Good Girl Gone Bad

"Shall we first discuss the biggest revelation of season three, Alicia’s new bangs? No. Of course, having recapped this show for a season, I know that your dirty, dirty minds (and mine) are all fixated on that one scene, shot in close-up, of Alicia and Will experiencing possibly the hottest sex ever shown on network TV, without a single bit of flesh exposed.
Okay, but now that the foreplay of a season’s worth of exposition is over, let’s get back to THE SCENE, shall we? Robert and Michelle King try to throw us off for a while. Alicia spots Will in his office but doesn’t go in to talk. Then he goes into her office to talk about “last night,” and we cut away from the conversation, only to cut back to him leaving, and Alicia looking sullen and despondent at her desk. In meetings with Diane, he blames Alicia for screwing up the Jimal case. Diane notices the tension. “I think you’re holding something against her,” says Diane. “Maybe it’s unconscious, maybe it’s not. You’re being hard on her.” Eli does, too. When talking to Peter about the governorship, he shares a nugget he’s picked up from observing Alicia around the office: “If you’re worried about Alicia and Will Gardner, I think that whatever was there is no longer there. They barely look at each other.”
Cut to Alicia’s face in ecstasy. Will is out of frame and when he comes into it from the bottom of the screen, we can only imagine what his head might have been doing down there. They’re standing pressed against the wall of Will’s apartment. He still has his jacket and tie on. Her dress is pulled down off her shoulders. The dialogue is too good not to reprint right here:
Alicia: Are we overdoing it?
Will: Diane thinks I’m going too hard on you. Am I? Going too hard? … All those late nights …
Alicia: No time off …
Will: Buried in work …
Alicia: Up to my knees.
Through the wall, they hear the neighbor’s kids. Is it a reference to Alicia’s own kids, unaware of what their mother is up to, and Alicia’s increasing willingness to pursue her own needs before theirs? Will suggests going to the bedroom and Alicia stops him. “No, don’t move. Don’t move.” He sticks his finger in her mouth and she bites down.
Will cuts the drinks short. He has to be somewhere at 8:45 p.m. Back at Alicia’s apartment, she sends the kids off with Peter then goes to the mirror, where she applies lipstick, both excitement and apprehension palpable on her face. Just as the clock strikes 8:45 p.m., there is a knock on the door. Guess who it is."

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