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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Press reviews - 3x01 "A New Day" -

Review about the season 3 premiere

"Eli sees Will leaving Alicia’s office with obvious tension looming. Fans were left last season watching Alicia and Will get into an elevator kissing, but so far in this episode nothing has been solidified regarding a fling between the two.
Diane asks Will what all the tension is about between him and Alicia. Will states that he has no idea what she is talking about. In the next scene, Alicia is scene against the wall, with her leg over Will's arm in a promiscuously revealing situation. Then what the public already presumes is acknowledged, Will and Alicia are finally giving into their feelings for each other.
Peter takes the kids to his house for the weekend, leaving time for Will and Alicia to assumingly have a rendezvous. While leaving the bar, Will tells Kalinda he has somewhere to be at 8:45. Alicia is seen putting on lipstick and staring into a mirror. She looks up at the clock, it's 8:45 and there is a knock on the door, not once, but twice.
Then the camera fades to black."

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