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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Press reviews - 3x01 "A New Day" - ‘Good Wife’ Watch: Let’s Start With the Haircut

"That was really the only thing the Season 3 opener needed to accomplish, and the writers tried to generate some suspense by having Alicia and Will be frosty to each other in the office, a ploy to fool their co-workers (especially the newly arrived Eli, who can be counted on to report back to Alicia’s estranged husband, Peter). It was a clever touch to have Will appear, looking glum, from behind a sliding elevator door, echoing the hotel elevator ride from last season; it was less clever, a little irritating even, when a reference to “last night” was thrown in just to confuse the audience. But eventually it all became clear: Will and Alicia in what appeared to be a nooner at his apartment, with Ms. Margulies delivering one of the best, quietest orgasms you’ve ever seen on the screen."

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