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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Press reviews - 3x01 "A New Day" - 'The Good Wife' recap: Baby did a bad, bad thing

"The writers are obviously playing with our expectations in this episode, forestalling the interaction between Will and Alicia for as long as possible. After showing up to work late, Will finally stops by Alicia’s office. “We need to talk,” he says gravely. “About last night?” she says, her eyebrow cocked flirtatiously. The scene cuts away and, the next time we see Alicia, she’s at her desk, looking confused and dejected. Naturally, we assume that Will has just delivered some kind of Last Night Was a Mistake/I’m Not Ready for a Relationship ® speech, a suspicion that only grows deeper when Will scolds Alicia in front of Diane.

But no! It’s all part of their plan, you see. Next thing we know, Alicia and Will have slipped away for a passionate nooner at Will’s place -- and suddenly we understand just why Alicia was looking so pleased all morning."

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