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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Press reviews - 3x01 "A New Day" - TV Review: 'The Good Wife' (Season Premiere)

"Eli thinks Alicia is being different, and she totally is. She sees Will in his office and catches herself smiling. Hello, handsome. Will later stops by to speak to her but then cuts to Eli seeing him leave and Alicia being all distraught. Come on writers, you don't take out the best part! Stop teasing!
Will and Alicia. Diane tells Will she thinks he's holding something against Alicia and is being too hard on her.
Introducing, the best reason I will be watching the rest of the season, scene. "Diane thinks I'm going too hard on you. Am I? Going too hard?" Otherwise known as the up against the wall sex scene between Will and Alicia. Will wants to make moves to the bedroom but he's got her at the perfect, er, spot. So they stay put."

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