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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Press reviews - 3x01 "A New Day" - Premiere In Review: Did Good Wife Alicia Do a Bad, Bad Thing?

"And now, turning from kiddie fare to veddy adult subject matter. It appeared to us and observer Eli that Alicia and Will’s “About last night…” convorsation — especially when coupled with Will’s “complaint” to Diane about Alicia treating them as “peers” — turned into some sort of break-up. Au contraire. They were just snowing us. And that snow instantly melted once we saw what they were really up to behind closed doors — and I don’t think our language filters will allow me to quite detail it. Let’s just say that it involved much word play about Will being too (ahem) hard on Alicia (as Diane had suggested) and the words, “Don’t move…. Don’t move” — culminating an act I am not quite sure we have seen so vividly depicted on TV before."

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