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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Press reviews - 3x15 "Live from Damascus" - Los Angeles Times

'The Good Wife' recap: Will says goodbye ... for now
The change of heart suggests that when he returns to the firm in six months -- just in time for the fall season, by the way -- Will is going to be a very different kind of lawyer. Naturally, I'm excited about this mostly because it gives me hope for a Will-Alicia romantic reconciliation; let's not forget, Alicia had plenty of reservations about Will that had nothing to do with her children. I do worry, though, that Will's soul-searching might lead him into the arms of some starry-eyed idealist he meets while picking up volunteer shifts at a local soup kitchen -- or, even worse, Caitlin. Either way, I hope that Will's absence from the firm doesn't translate into a Josh Charles-less "Good Wife." That's a price I'm not willing to pay.

For Alicia, the next six months ought to be very interesting. Because their long-simmering romance took precedence, it's easy to forget that Will also functioned as a kind of mentor to his old friend from Georgetown. After all, he's the one who offered Alicia a job when she needed one, and he's repeatedly vouched for her when her position at the firm seemed uncertain. As Will heads to the elevator, Alicia struggles to find the right words; it's clear she's not entirely sure what to say, given the tenuous status of their friendship. In this way, Will's parting words -- "Follow Diane’s lead, Alicia, you’ll do fine" -- are oddly poignant, an acknowledgment of how much Will's friendship means to Alicia, with or without the sex.

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