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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Press reviews - 3x15 "Live from Damascus" - Small Screen Scoop

The Good Wife Season 3 recap – Software Shenanigans

Will finally tells Alicia about what is happening because, ultimately, she is his person. He tells her that the Pro Bono department, something he fought against, is why he is offered the settlement. And as he talks to her, he realizes he needs to just take the 6 month suspension because he did the wrong thing. .... 
... Will leaves his office that night, taking only a baseball bat. Things don’t go well when people have baseball bats and are upset on this show. It’s so heart wrenching watching everyone watch him leave. Especially as he says good bye to Alicia. Hey, Will…. you aren’t her boss anymore. I’m just saying. I’m disappointed she doesn’t get in the elevator with him.


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