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Monday, April 30, 2012

Press - Interviews - EW: ‘The Good Wife’ season finale postmortem: Creators tease what’s next

Not sure what this means for our OTP. Sometimes I think that Robert King shouldn't be entitled to give explanations.

I loved the farcical Will-Peter elevator scene, but it was appropriate that we got another Will-Alicia elevator moment in this episode, since an elevator played such a crucial role in last season’s finale. What did you want to communicate through that scene?
Robert: Most of the difficulties that came out of this year came out because of that affair. So I think Will is truly in love with Alicia, and Alicia — if it were another time, another place, and she didn’t have two kids and a campaign that was being kicked off — she would reciprocate in the truest way. I think that is the tragedy of that relationship: They caught each other a little too late in life. That is all playing through their heads, and that is why Will asked, “Do you think it was a mistake?” He’s really asking, “Was this affair a mistake?” I think both of them are being as honest as they could at that moment.

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