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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Press - Interview - LA Times: Josh Charles Q&A on 'The Good Wife' season finale

Were you surprised by how quickly Alicia and Will’s romance fizzled out?

I wasn’t surprised. It felt very right for their intimacy to increase at the end of last season. It felt like that needed to be done, something needed to be consummated there. But then once it happened, that doesn’t take away any of the obstacles, the complications in their relationship. If anything it just intensifies them.

What do you make of their brief exchange in the elevator in Sunday’s finale? Are there still feelings there?

I really liked that scene. It shows there’s still a very deep relationship there, one that’s built on a deep level of respect. At the core of these two characters’ relationship is a really deep bond. It goes deeper than sex, than being together; it’s a mutual respect. That doesn’t go away just like that. I think he really loves her. It’s not like she’s the only one for him in his entire life, but there’s real love there. And she loves him. I also think that scene’s a gut-check. Will wants to know he’s not insane, that there is something there. What that scene is foreshadowing is a deepening of their relationship.

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